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    Hello Mates,
    I am running some Spartan Races in 2017 trying to get my TriFecta and I want to take my Fitness tracker. Now as you all may know these a dirty muddy blighters and can cost you more than a couple dips in the bath SO… does any one here have an opinion or preference when it comes to watch based fitness trackers? I am highly thinking about either a Garmin Forerunner 230/235 or a Garmin Fenix 3. I like Garman but if you know of anything better please leave it in the return.



    Alan Viveash

    I have a FR220 which I use for training runs. I’m not brave enough (yet) to take it on an OCR, but I’m hoping to upgrade to a Fenix 3 HR at some point so the FR220 will become the OCR watch.

    I’d advise wrapping a wrag around the wrist to prevent the screen from taking abuse whichever you choose, but for OCR, i’d go relatively simple incase a bad landing on rough ground ruins your day (read: watch)

    Either way, check out DC Rainmaker. He has too many devices and does excellent detailed reviews.


    Steve Ballantine

    I use the 920 XT (the one below the Fenix) It’s a great unit and I’ve never had any real trouble with it.
    I’ve been mocked for the size of it but I’m immune to that kind of thing.. ymmv I guess. The Fenix can certainly imitate a regular watch better.

    I also use transparent screen protectors like this:
    After getting a few scratches too many, you can just peel it off, slap a new one on and it’s good as new.



    @steve, thanks man that REALLY helps out. I am just waiting for the money to come in. I appreciate it. I will deff. be getting the protectors every little bit helps.



    I’ve had the Fenix3 for a year and a bit for triathlons and training, but am debating whether to use it on Tough Guy.
    It’s an expensive bit of kit and I don’t fancy breaking it, but it would be interesting to track my heart rate and the distance covered.

    I have a plastic screen protector for it, which offers a little scratch-resistance for the glass, as I don’t have the sapphire model.
    But I like the idea of wrapping a rag/Buff around it for a bit extra protection though.

    Suunto is another popular brand similar to Garmin for watches.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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