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Free booze at events – good/bad thing?

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    I’m not sure. Free drink after a race when runners are already dehydrated; is that a good idea health wise, or driving wise? I’m not aiming to be the Mary Whitehouse of OCR. Just interested to see what people think.


    Steven Thorpe

    I think we need to let people be adults and make their own decisions as long as their is water available as well. I cant imagine (Happy to be corrected) that 1 pint after a race is going to be make a major difference to hydration levels.

    If its been a hard race I probably would have a gulp or 2 at most as I prefer chocolate milkshake post race and normally drive to events so can’t really have any alcohol.

    If you are a big group and have gone for a laugh and haven’t worked too hard then I could see having a beer being quite a nice social bit especially if waiting for other team members to finish.



    Fair enough. Can’t remember which event it was, but I was given a voucher for a drink at their bar. I turned up and was told that I could only have a beer. Asked if I could have a soft drink (long drive ahead) and was told no. Think it may have been Total Warrior last year, maybe.


    Alan Viveash

    No problem with it, but generally I can’t have it as I’m driving. Tough Mudder actually did this well last year – if you don’t want it now, they gave you a bottle of the stuff.

    I’d prefer it if there was a soft drink/sports drink option for those who prefer to stay off the sauce.


    Steven Thorpe

    Ruth I agree that if they hand a voucher you should always get a soft drink alternative, I guess its to do with a beer company sponsoring the event to some extent?

    Should you found someone to swap you a voucher for a soft drink!

    Alan I agree, bottle of water in the goodie bag and then a pint/bottle depending if you want to drink now or later seems to a sensible idea


    Andy Brown

    I haven’t got a problem with free booze in any situation….but then I live in Sweden and a round of drinks for a select group of friends requires a second mortgage!



    If anybody sees me around at a free booze event, you can have my pint. First come, first serve 😀



    I love a free pint after a race, it might be bad for me but its thoroughly satisfying!!!



    Free beer is a great thing!

    as a hasher (the hash house harriers – the international drinking club with a running problem) beer after running is very important!

    as a doctor, i’m not convinced it’s harmful to your recovery and have evidence to prove it’s ok

    so enjoy it, thats what these things are all about


    Delyth Piper

    Total Warrior do this, yes. Spartan have started doing it this year it seems. In all cases where I’ve had a “free beer” I’ve been allowed to take a full unopened can. I just open it when I get home. Don’t all races give you a bottle of water at the end anyway?

    Personally, I’d prefer Spartan to have stuck with no beer and decent t-shirts… A crappy beer and a crappy t-shirt isn’t quite the same 😛

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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