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    Sagarvansi Ayurveda

    The human body in many of glands in the. All glands my – my task would have if someone causes a gland function to the repository to be done is the body of a right to a part on the gland ‘s function is not to the effect must have is. Which further a right Any kind of a not a disease of the way to take charge of. Today we have the body of such as a gland of thing you ‘ll have the name of the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland human body of the gland is the human body ‘s jugular in the pie goes to. The function of this gland is human The body of another important part of the proper type of or all of the work to the help you would have. This gland is thyroxine name a very important hormone to induce the entire body in the secretion that is. Thyroid gland and thyroxine name of hormones to produce to the For the body of a particular element of the requirement is that you have and we iodine name to know that. This iodine human body is by being the food of in taking of iodine in the required amount to get the body of for very useful hormone thyroxine to generate the whole body In the secretion that is. Thyroid gland to produce thyroxine called hormone if required to more or less produce to a position as the thyroid gland to malfunction called it. A stage in the thyroid of the problem of for domestic treatment (Home Remedies for Thyroid Problem) is about to we you let go are Are there.

    Thyroid gland by generating important task

    1. In today’s time, the thyroid gland played an important role in removing the toxic and toxic substances by preserving the body from poisonous or poisonous substances produced in the body due to taste and inappropriate food or inappropriate food and for any other reason.

    2. Physical and mental development is more important in the body, especially in childhood. Thyroid gland is especially helpful in making physical and mental development in children during childhood.

    3. Thyroid gland is useful in controlling the temperature of the human body or the temperature according to the requirement.

    The thyroid is of two types.

    1. HypoThyroid

    2. Hyper Thyroid

    Symptoms of hypothyroid

    1. Having a different heaviness in the voice.

    2. Pain in the joints of the body, head and shoulders and neck.

    3. Continuous weight gain continuously

    4. Feeling swollen around the face and throat

    5. More stupidity and dryness in the skin.

    6. Decrease towards food or lack of appetite.

    7. Staying the problem of constipation for a long time.

    Hyper Thyroid Symptoms

    1. Almost every time the heart rate is greater than normal.

    2. Conditions of vibrations or vibration in hands.

    3. Falling weight in a few days continuously due to sudden.

    4. Excessive sweating than inexplicably normal. Almost every time the heart rate is greater than normal.

    Home Remedies for Thyroid Problem

    1. Regular intake of nut and almonds provides significant benefits in hypothyroidism because nutrients and almonds contain elements such as salinity, which is very beneficial in the problem of the thyroid. In addition, swelling of the throat or throat with plenty of nut and almonds provides plenty of relief.

    2. Take regular turmeric mixed with milk to keep the thyroid in control or control. Mix turmeric and mix it with milk and take it. If someone has trouble drinking calmer milk, then just eat it by roasting turmeric.

    3. To balance thyroid, take a spoon ashwagandha powder from the lukewarm milk of the native cow and take advantage of it before sleeping at night.

    4. Clean green coriander properly and then grind green coriander thoroughly and make chutney. After this, mix the green chili sauce in a spoonful of a teaspoon with a glass of water well, but keep this in mind whenever this green Consume coriander’s chutney, then take fresh green coriander chutney every time and try that coriander should be taken as such that it is very fragrant. Green coriander is very beneficial in thyroid, its thyroid is controlled.


    Anderson Carl

    Thanks for bringing those point out. Thyroid Gland is especially useful in controlling human temperature.

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