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How common are injuries with deadlifting?

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    I’m enjoying incorporating deadlifts into my weights routine but have twice now suffered a slight setback. Each time the day after I lifted what is for me the most I’ve done so far (2 sets of 10 reps of 100kg – nowhere near failure supposedly for safety reasons even though I know I’m leaving potential gains on the table – although I am at least breathing heavily at the end of each set) I get sharp pain every now and then in my back to the left of my spine at a level roughly in line with the armpit i.e. thoracic vertebrae area. It doesn’t feel like a muscluar pain and it’s not really that painful but feels like a warning from my body. Previously when I got it I just stopped deadlifts for 2 weeks and then started again at a lower weight and built up to 100kg again. It went away within 3-5 days and the lower weight deadlifts didn’t bring the pain back. Is this likely a form issue or are issues like this normal? It seems quite surprising the pain is where it is because it feels like if anything is going to get injured it’s going to be more in the lumbar area. (????

    Please help.

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