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    Just thought I’d set up this thread to get everyone to introduce themselves, where we all live, which events we’ve done, etc. Copy the questions below and reply with your own answers.

    Name: Pete

    Where I live: Bath in the south west

    Events I’ve run so far (some multiple of each): Tough Guy (winter), Tough Guy Nettle Warrior, Winter Nuts Challenge (Tough Nuts 4 laps), Summer Nuts Challenge (Complete Nuts 3 laps), Spartan Sprint South London, Super Spartan Midlands, Spartan Beast London, Tough Mudder North London, Total Warrior (10 mile), Demon Run London, Demon Run Wales, Endurer Log Dash, Hell Runner (Hell Down South), Bath Hilly Half, Survival of the Fittest London, Avalanche Run, Brutal 10 Borden Heaths, Wolf Run, XtremeSTORM… think that’s it…

    Favorite Race and why: Nuts Challenge – it’s so fun, super challenging, great vibe and really innovative.

    About me: I work in the snow sports industry (marketing for a tour operator), but have set up Mudstacle as a bit of a sideline gig. I’ve always been into sports and fitness. I’m a super-keen snowboarder, and have spent a couple of years living in the French Alps and like to dedicate a few weeks a year to mountain time! I’m not particularly good at team games, but love to run and clamber around stuff – so obstacle course racing was an easy thing for me to get obsessed with!



    Name: Haemish

    Where I live: Leighton Buzzard

    Events I’ve run in the last year: 1x Winter Tough Guy, 1xWinter Nuts Challenge (4 laps), 1xSummer Nuts Challenge (4 laps), 5x Spartan Sprint, 1x Spartan Super, 1x Spartan Beast, 2x Survival of the Fittest, 1x Hell Runner Down South, 1x Hell Rider (8 hours), 1x Thetford Dusk Till Down (12 hours), 1x Cross Channel Row, 3x Trail Duathlon, 4x Tough Mudder, 1x Mud Runner Oblivion, 1x Water Wipeout, 1x Endurer Log Dash, 2x Trail Plus Adventure Race.

    Favourite Race and why: Tough Mudder for the scale and quality of the obstacles, and Nuts Challenge because its so bastard hard. Don’t underestimate Tough Nuts, my Tough Mudder pace is more than 5min/mile faster than my Tough Nuts pace.

    About me: I work in the beep beep computer club, but don’t hold that against me. I am a sport climber really and only started running just over a year ago after joining Milton Keynes Rowing Club to cross train for climbing. It turns out that rowing was a gateway drug to running, and from there it was not much of a jump to obstacle runs and trail duathlons.  Trail triathlon is on my list of things to do as soon as I can swim a bit faster, distance is no problem it just takes me all day.



    Name… Simon

    where I live…Cheshire

    Events I’ve done.. from the most recent Fandance race working back from zombie evacuation, Spartan race uk + all the Canadian Spartan races, WAR 2012.. Blackpool 10k 3 years running preston 10k with 20kg ruck sack, total warrior York bham and London Spartan race 2011 plus 50miler bike rides and the other odd 5k 10k charity races

    i found the fandance race most challenging due too -19’c real feel conditions and load bearing.. I guess that fact I started working for the race series that I mostly enjoyed so it would be also abit biased.
    so that brings me too the

    About me.. I work for Spartan race I work on the course crew both in the uk and Canada, i grew up on a farm so been outdoors getting muddy and generally been a nutter suits me great, i really enjoy taking part in other races when i can and also like too be course sweeper usually run the race with the last person too keep them motived and show them their not alone and it can be done. i’m always game for a challenge.. always try and have my gopro at the ready too 🙂



    Events I’ve run so far: Devils Challenge,  Zombie Evacuation Run and Tough Mudder


    Favourite: Yesterdays Tough Mudder!! Bloomin’ brilliant. So much fun, and thrilled I made it up Everest as I really didn’t think I would. Everyone should run a Mudder at some point! Incredibly well organised and superb fun.


    About me: I’m a Mum who is rediscovering her love of running and sports now my youngest has gone to school and I  have a bit of time to myself for first time in 8 years. Discovering my love of Regiment Fitness (local bootcamp fitmess group), and obstacle racing.


    Jon Doe

    Name: Sara

    Where I live: London

    Events so far: Rock Solid race in Exeter

    Events coming up: Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Wolf run

    About me: I’m originally from Kenya, so being outdoors is something I love, and i think the mud runs will let me see some pretty beautiful places (yes i enjoy the scenery while i run, takes my brain off what ever is going on physically.) I only recently decided to start doing mud/obstacle runs after wanting other goals to reach once i started to regain my fitness (mostly thanks to British Military Fitness. The runs give me an awesome high which lasts for days and I love it. Recently been finding that my enthusiasm has got infectious and have persuaded a few friends to start doing the runs too. I work for corporate building (dull) and study environmental science as well.


    Double D

    Name: David

    Where I live: Milton Keynes

    Events so far:  Winter Nuts Challenge (freezing cold!), Warrior Adrenaline Race, Tough Mudder

    Favourite race and why: I’ve not done too many events but because it is so fresh in my mind (and wounds are so fresh on my legs) I’d have to say Tough Mudder, from what I found it was well organised, physically and mentally challenging and thoroughly satisfying, if a little expensive to do!

    About me: I have a pretty inactive job sitting behind a desk designing software, to make up for that laziness I go to the gym four or five times a week and have tried for years to get in to running, doing the odd 10k here and there but never caught the bug. However, after taking part in the Nuts Challenge in March this year I became hooked on obstacle course races and plan on taking part in one every month, including Pain and Suffering in June, back to the Nuts Challenge in August and maybe even another Tough Mudder in Sydney this October when I visit friends in Australia. I’m a newbie Mudstacler, having been reading it for a while this is my first post (of many I hope!).



    Name: Dan

    Where I live: Essex

    Events: Maldon Mud Race, 3 Peaks 24hr Challenge, Guts N Glory, Sole Destroyer, The Reaper, The Gauntlet, Warrior Adrenalin Race, Tough Mudder North London (yesterday), couple of 10k road races.

    Favourite: My favourite event so far was The Reaper down at Pippingford Park, East Sussex at the end of March. It was two laps of a 3 mile course over some of the most technically challenging and fun terrain that you could wish for. It had accents, descents, climbing, scrambling, mud, water, even a mini abseil at one point! Plus it had the most amazing medal, always a bonus!

    About Me: I’m an early thirties Dad of two who decided last year that it was about time I got myself fit and stayed that way. I’ve always enjoyed running but nothing regular or competitive. I’ve found trail and obstacle course running provides everything I need to motivate myself to keep up with the training and constantly challenge myself – I love it!. My aim for this year is to get plenty of experience and training under my belt so that next year i can try to get involved with the competitive side.

    The 2013 race calendar to date has Pain and Suffering, Nuts Challenge (3 laps) and Zombie Evacuation booked in. I’m also hoping to get my first marathon under my belt by the end of the year, maybe Bournemouth in October!

    I’ve started a personal blog @ ocraddict.blogspot.com to keep track of my training and race experiences if you get bored and fancy a read. Pete, let me know if the reviews are up to Mudstacle standard and I’ll send them your way in the future.

    p.s. It was great to meet Pete and Haemish yesterday at TM, always good to meet some fellow OCR types!







    Great to hear from y’all, thanks for posting up – keep them coming. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done 100 races or none!

    There are a couple of races there I’d love to do – Fandance looks awesome Simon, I need to do that! The only reason I didn’t do it this year was because it was the week before Tough Guy. Maybe next year! Also would love to do three peaks and I still need to tick the Reaper off my list!

    Totally agree with the general consensus that the latest Tough Mudder was darn awesome!



    Hi fellow OCRists

    Name: Steve

    Where I live: Watford

    Events done: several Majors, tough mudder, spartan sprints and the beast, devils challenge. I also run half and full marathons.

    To come: dirty weekend, tough mudder, brutal 10, dirty dozen and the spartan season.

    Favourites: tough mudder for the scale of the obstacles and the majors for the mud.

    About me: I used to play a lot of football but got fat and unfit after moving around a bit, getting married, having kids, busy job; common story. I didn’t like it (the fat unfit busy job parts only)! I started British Military Fitness about 3 years ago and it changed my life. They got me fitter than I’ve ever been and into mud again.

    I love the OCR events for the physical and mental challenge. I love the mud, blood and pain they involve, its like being a big kid for a few hours. It seems there’s a great community of like minded people building, which is great!



    Hello 😀

    Name: Krissie

    Where I live: Port Talbot, South Wales

    Events I’ve run so far:  Race for Life 6 times so far (ok not a OCR but if the weathers crappy it gets muddy 😉 ) Spartan Sprint in Atherstone last year and the inaugural Zombie Evac in Cambridge.

    Favourite Race and why: So far the Spartan Sprint, it was the first OCR I entered and I instantly got the buzz, plus the community side of it is brilliant.

    To come: Have the Spartan Season pass, so hoping to make all the Sprints as well as the Super and Beast (and get my Trifecta), Zombie Evacuation (Bristol def, and possibly Cambridge), Rock Solid in Oct hopefully (gigs depending), Tough Mudder and Nottingham Half Marathon for shits and giggles.

    About me: I’m a Personal Trainer and pole instructor. I was the obese smoker who weighed in at 18stone when I hit 30 and decided I needed to turn my life around. So out went the cigs, in came the gym and eventually I had people asking for my help so I thought I better become a fitness professional and back up my advice with actually learning about exercise. I took 2 years to become a PT, quit my desk job that I loathed, and now at 11stone, I’m in the best shape of my life doing a ‘job’ I love. It’s not work when you love it.  🙂  I like unconventional methods of keeping fit because it makes it fun ad less of a chore for my clients. And i welcome any excuse to be a big kid. 😀  Oh and I’m the lead singer in a Heavy Metal band called Triaxis!

    Good to meet you all 😀 xx



    Name: James

    Where I live: Essex

    Events I’ve run so far:  Spartan Beast London, Tough Guy (Winter), Colchester Half Marathon, Tough Nuts (3 Laps), 5 x 10k races, The Gauntlet, St Georges half marathon, Tough Mudder (London North)

    Favorite Race and why: The Tough Mudder has been my favorite so far because it felt such a well organised event and ran so smoothly.  In addition to this all of the obstacles felt like they were big and bold and fun although this maybe because I am slowly getting fitter and with each event the fun side becomes more apparent.

    To come: Rat Race Dirty Weekend, Total Warrior 10k, Total Warrior 10 mile, Have the Spartan Season pass, so planning a number of Sprints as well as the Super and Beast for the Trifecta, Kent Road Racer Marathon, Midnight Mountain Marathon, Para10 TAB, Man vs. Mountain… and more to come.

    About me: I sit at a desk all day long after a long commute, and spend it all wishing I was outside doing something more active.  A few years back I managed the odd adventure and have done things like walk across the Sahara or trek up mountains in Katmandu but they are not as frequent as I would like.  Then I got ill 3 years ago, and that nipped any fitness I had in the bud and I spent two years still working at a desk but also piling on the weight. Last year I was given my two years all clear and decided that I needed to do something about it. So in late September 2012, I started training, and signed up for the Tough Mudder (which I completed on Saturday).  I lost 3 stone along the way and as my training was going well I signed up to a race as practice, that being the Spartan Beast in November and I got hooked.  Since then I have signed up for loads more races and events and I am always looking for bigger and bigger challenges and have also started collecting medals along the way.



    Name: Danny

    Location: Between Swansea and Loughborough

    Races Completed: Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, Major, River Rat Race, Wild Thing, Water Wipeout, Mad Monk, Wolf Run, Endurer Dash, Sole Destroyer, Cardiff Half

    Favourite Race: River Rat Race – really enjoyable race, excellent organisation and wide variety of different obstacles and challenges.

    Races for 2013: Spartan Season Pass, Survival of the Fittest, The Suffering and a few Triathlons.

    About Me: I am a Substance Misuse Worker and Criminologist although sport has been my real passion competing at various levels in rugby, squash and football. I really only got involved in obstacle races as a way to keep in contact with friends as we all moved away to go to university, get married and travel. Ever since it has been a real passion of ours as we try to complete more and more unique events.



    Name: Jamie

    Location: Liverpool

    Races completed: Tough Mudder North West, Hell Runner x 2, Viva Extreme Bangor, Xtreme Storm

    Favourite Race: Xtreme Storm in Southport. Completely unique to other races, running along the beach, in the town centre with a great range of witty obstacles! Going down a Helter Skelter in a theme park was a highlight 🙂

    Races for 2013: Total Warrior, Tough Guy Nettle Warrior, No Ego Challenge, Hell Up North, Tough Mudder Yorkshire

    About me: I was very unfit for years and joined the gym back in early 2012 and immediately signed up for Tough Mudder in November 2012 as a form of motivation. Had a team of five mates all up for doing it, but everyone dropped out one by one, so ended up doing it on my own! Met so many cool people on the way round though and was hooked after it, the adrenaline buzz after the race was great 🙂

    Have loved all the races I have done since, all being completely different in their own way. Aiming to do one a month now. Met Pete at Xtreme Storm and respect to him for doing this site

    Training wise I do a lot of circuit and High Intensity Interval training at the gym. Don’t go on hardly any long runs to train as I find what I do more than sufficient

    I am self-employed and own a gaming machines business (Foosball, Air Hockey, Punch Machines etc)

    Look forward to meeting more of you!



    Name: Rachael

    Where I live: Bridlington, East Yorkshire

    Events I’ve run so far: Bradford Half Marathon, Humber Bridge Half Marathon, Hornsea 1/3 Marathon, RR Yorkshire Terrier and RR Dirty Weekend…

    Favourite Race: Yorkshire Terrier. It got me hooked on obstacle racing because even though it was freezing and snowed, and I was broken and bloody I have never had such a sense of achievement.

    Next Races: Spartan Trifecta…AROO!!!

    About me: I used to play football and rugby but a bad back has made me quit. I started running but found road races boring and unsocial so when a friend showed me the world of OCR I haven’t looked back. I also rock climb regularly. I work at McDonald’s which is incredibly soul destroying making people obese. It is a joy working with people who think you are deranged for running 20mile for fun though 😀



    Name: Peter

    Where I live: Dorking in Surrey

    Events I’ve run so far: Winter Tough Guy 2013 and Winter Complete Nuts 2013 (3 laps). Before I found mud running I did Brighton Marathon 2012 and Brighton Half Marathon 2011.

    Favorite Race and why: Nuts Challenge – Liked the course and the obstacles

    Next Race: Nuts Challenge Summer Complete Nuts. – Try and beat my time of 4 hours 1 minute.

    About me: Before I found this I was into grip strength training and have done competitions in the UK and used to hold a world record for pinch lifting and one hand deadlifting. Used to do a lot of indoor climbing as well.

    Work for a big Investment Platform company, but have degrees in chemistry and european classical acting. So i’m certainly a bit of a mixed bag ! 😛

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