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    Lee Elliott

    NAME Lee Elliott

    LIVE yes I do live (Hammersmith London)

    Age getting there 45

    WHY do this
    I Have a stressful job saw the you tube for Rat Race “I can do that” so I entered London river Rat race 10k no training but got round in 1 half hours. chatted to some people on the way round and was told to have a go at a few more. Got home booked Monster mud run and nuclear 12k in November. watched you tube again a went s**t there a lot more heavy duty then London rat race, so booked 5k Back to The Trenches which I loved. Looking forward to next year, and just booked up Brutal run in December am I Mad will it be cold?


    Matt Thornett

    Name: Matt

    Where I live: Crookham Village

    Events I’ve run so far: Nuts Challenge 2 laps, Warrior Run, Brutal10 Frith Hill, Grim x 2, Brutal10 Bagshot.

    Favourite Race and why: Nuts Challenge – shocked myself and everyone I know by finishing in the top 10!

    About me: I work in the travel industry for a hotel company. I’ve always been into sport especially football and cricket but I hadn’t been much of a runner at all until a couple of years ago when I signed up to the Grim with a load of mates to get fit. I really enjoyed it until the last mile when I smashed my knee on a rock and ended up in hospital. Still managed to finish though but ended up with 8 stiches which later developed into a serious case of Cellulitis which meant a total of 10 days over two periods in hospital on an antibiotic drip and two operations. Anyway that’s all behind me now and after almost a year of getting my fitness back up I’ve done some more races and hope to do many more in 2016!


    Miranda Eli

    Name: Miranda (35 years old, Belgian beer drinker, does not really fancy walks on the beach much due to adverse reactions to direct sunlight)
    Where I live: Cambridgeshire

    Events I’ve run so far: I am still a newbie. My first OCR race was Airfield Anarchy (I decided I would be “epic” and did all three 5k/10k/10 miler), Autumn Wolf, and the Bear Grylls Survival Race 10k.

    Favorite Race and why: Thus far it has been the Wolf Run. It was very well organised and the course with smooth – smooth in that the obstacles were overt in what I was meant to do, I was never lost due to lack of route markings and so on. Overall, I think I enjoyed it because I did it on my own, I just wish it was timed.

    About me: I started running half marathons in 2014 after having surgery to fix my shoulder after a long-term injury prevented me from running over four miles. Now have started doing OCRs and trail runs as I enjoy them much more than straight runs. I am former U.S. military. A bit of a rock/punk/metal head. Kindhearted but a bit rowdy. 😉 Goals I am working on is improving upper body strength with the hope of being able to destroy monkey bars and similar obstacles.

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    Disco Ninja

    Name: Paul (Disco Ninja)

    Where I live: Aberdeen, Scotland

    Events I’ve run so far: Still a newbie. Tough Mudder Scotland, The Beast (Banchory) and Glak Attack this coming weekend.

    Favorite Race and why: Tough Mudder. Had a great team and the atmosphere was amazing.

    About me: I work in IT and got into OCR to help me lose weight. Lost near 5 stone and made a huge improvement to my life style. Bring it on.


    James Price

    Name: James

    Where I live: Deeping St James (Just north of Peterborough)

    Events I’ve run so far (some multiple of each): Spartan Sprint x 2, Insane Terrain

    Favorite Race and why: Spartan – Ive not much to compare to, but the variety of obstacles, terrains and carries makes these races very enjoyable.

    About me: I am currently 35 and I’ve always loved competing in sports but I also loved food. When I completed my first Spartan Sprint in 2014 I was over 18.5 stone! Throughout the winter i played football for my local pub team, but was the big fat defended that couldn’t run more than 5 mins without a break. In April at the end of the footy season I decided to do something about my weight. I started a strict diet and fitness regime and come September for my 2nd Spartan Sprint I weighed in at only 12.5 stone! I managed to speed through the obstacles only waiting for my friends whilst they completed their Burpees 🙂 I managed to complete the insane terrain 10k course in under an hour (including queuing) and have thoroughly caught the OCR bug. I’ve just completed a half marathon in 1hr 44 and am now in training from the Manchester Marathon in April next year. I’m not doing any winter OCR’s because my wife won’t let me (not because I’m a big girl and don’t want to get cold!) but I’ve already booked Spartan sprint, Super and Beast, Pain and Suffering Race and Insane Terrain for next summer.


    Daniel Lock

    Name: Dan

    Where I live: Burnham, Bucks

    Events I’ve run so far: 0

    About me: I am 32 and married with one child. I am also a fat tub of lard. 6ft and around the 20 stone mark. I have zero fitness but in a moment of stupidity I talked a group of my friends into doing a Tough Mudder at the end of April 2016. I thought it would be good to have a target to aim towards and I have 6 months but I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

    I have watched loads of videos of Tough Mudder and it looks like so much fun but I need to work very hard on both cardio and upper body strength. Anyway, at least I have life insurance.


    Dave Walton

    Good for you Dan, and welcome to the fold. My advice (for what it’s worth) is firstly look at your diet and secondly start gently exercising. When I say look at your diet I don’t mean start eating lettuce or anything extreme – just analyse why you are 20 stone. Is it snacking? Is it drinking (no offence intended but 6 pints is over 1000 calories)? And look at the labelling on food for fat (and sugar) content. I have (did have) high cholesterol and looking at the grams per 100 is the best way. As an example “lower fat” can be meaningless on a packet of crisps if the fat is still 24%! Same goes for low(er) sugar. Low in relation to what?
    And exercise can simply be brisk walking to start with. And when it comes to running I personally started out with a 2.5 mile loop that I ran/walked with the walking gradually getting less over time. And then it became 2 loops etc. etc.
    Please don’t take offence with any assumptions and good luck. Everyone on here will be behind you and if you’ve got the will you’ll do it.


    Daniel Lock

    Thanks for the reply Dave.

    Yes, my diet is not great and needs working on. It is mainly due to snacking, cheese, chorizo and wine. This is something I am working on and I definitely need to lose lots of weight to make this whole thing doable.

    I have a few running courses mapped out, both of which are not too long to start with.

    It is all about my willpower. I am pretty good at talking myself out of going out for a run on a cold evening.


    James Price

    Hi Dan, Shifting the weight is posible. Setting yourself simple targets moving towards an ultimate goal is the way I lost 6 stone this year. You are on the right track as you are thinking positivly about improving your diet/fitness.

    I agree it is easy to talk yourself out of going for a run, but I try to think of the sense of acheivement you feel once you get back. It is hard to start, but it gets easier as you go along and I now find myself trying to push myself and constantly improve.

    Good luck with Tough Mudder, I’m sure you’ll have a great day.


    Dave Walton

    We can ALL talk ourselves out of running on a cold evening!! Get the right kit, and it becomes far less of an issue. There’s so much gear out there that can keep you toasty without bulk. I have an Under Armour Cold Gear top that does me right now, and as it gets colder another layer on top or a thin merino underneath. And I recommend hitting the charity shops!!!! You might need to keep dropping in regularly to catch the bargains. I’ve said this before – you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. I have a hell of a lot of gear and apart from the footwear it’s all been cheap. The UA top I mentioned and the merino? – £3 each from memory.
    BTW cheese. Love it myself but it’s 1/3rd fat. And chorizo, the fat is ridiculous if you look. I would love to eat it (and pepperami – yum) but you’re talking from memory 1/2 fat and more.


    Daniel Lock

    Just ordered a load of ridiculously cheap running gear on Decathalon and I have ordered some decent running shoes at a really good price. So, I have all the gear but no idea.

    Thanks for all the kind words.


    Dean Sullivan

    Name: Dean

    Where I live: London

    Events I’ve run so far :Roughrunner X2, Toughsh!t, back2thetrenches.

    Favorite Race and why: Roughrunner. Fun and a little bit of a challenge. Always wanted to do something like it. Aim to do toughmudder when i’m more ready.

    About me: Newbie to mud/obstacle runs. Work with children, looking to get into more runs soon hopefully. Can anyone recommend any for me to do with sister (her first one and is 17) not too far from london, ideally about 1hr 30min drive. Thanks in advance.

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    peter hobby

    Name: Peter

    Where I live: Oakham, Rutland

    Events I’ve run so far: Rat Race Dirty Weekend ’15, Pain & Suffering 10+ miler, Dash of the Titan 10 mile, Super Survival of the Fittest half marathon, Guts ‘n Glory 10k, Winter Wolf, Yorkshire 3 peak challenge, Rutland Water half marathon

    Favorite Race and why: Most memorable will always be the Dirty Weekend! My first OCR and i went straight in for the full 20 miles…and was instantly hooked!! Great event with brilliant obstacles throughout! The Super Survival was also well organised and the mix of obstacles and several dips in the River Trent were well worth the fee!!

    Next Race: Got a pretty decent schedule of events sorted starting with Avalanche Run 20k at end of Feb…then pretty much one every 2 weeks including Relentless Suffering, Dash of the Titans, Tough Guy half marathon, Dirty Weekend, Tough Mudder Midlands all booked so far….hoping to include Airfield Anarchy, Spartan Cambridgeshire, Survival of the Fittest and as many more as I can squeeze in throughout the year!!

    About me: 35 year old father of 1 girl, working as site manager for large housebuilding company….having got the bug after first event have really taken to running as often as possible, whilst also going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I find the release of OCR’s addictive and the feeling of accomplishment after completing each event adds to the buzz….the battered and bruised body keeps the blood flowing!!!


    Daniel Hopkins

    Name: Dan
    Where I live: South East London

    Events I’ve run so far: I’m a noob! But run park run every weekend and ready for 2016 to fill this list up…

    Favorite Race and why: Haven’t even run it yet but really fired up for Tough Mudder, just so that I can join those that say they have done it, it’s like a degree in the gym, a lot of people have them and without a finishers tee you can never call yourself one of the team…

    About me: An accountant by day and any spare time I get i’m doing charity work, I run a branch of the Royal British Legion and adore the work I do there. Constantly refered to as the Duracell Bunny, I rarely run out of energy so thought i’d give this a go…

    Rcaes booked this year: Adrenaline Rush, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Judgement Day, Colour Run, Colour Obstacle Run, Major Series


    Charlene Billins

    Name: Charlie

    Where I live: Watford, Hertfordshire

    Events I’ve done: Major Series, Tough Mudder x 3, One True Grit, Warrior Adrenaline Race, Dirty Dozen. Um, I think that’s it?

    Favorite Race: Dirty Dozen. Great course, great obstacles. Challenging but fun. Signed up for all 3 events this year!

    About me: I’m a 30-something nerdy girl. I was never a sporty person other than a bit of running. I found OCR when a friend dared me to do Tough Mudder with her. Now I enjoy running, lifting weights and recently started climbing. Anything to help with those damn monkey bars!
    I work as a customer support manager for a small telecoms company based in London.

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