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    Laura Frost

    Name: Laura

    Where I live: Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

    Events I’ve run so far: Nuclear Rush, London River Rat Race, Iron Run, Warrior Adrenaline Race, Bear Grylls Survival Race

    Favourite Race and why: Nuclear Rush because its so muddy, has so many good obstacles and is just awesome.

    About me: I work sort of in IT, but I’m training to become a personal trainer. I may do personal training as an extra, but if it takes off well, I could drop my regular job and do it full time. I only joined a gym about a year and a half ago, having not done much exercise prior to that. Now, exercise and training is my life. I discovered OCRs last year and am so excited for my next race.


    Boo Newns

    Name Boo

    Where I live Cambridge

    Events run so far Not sure you can say “run” exactly…

    (All 2015) Spartan sprint Peterborough, Insane Terrain Cambridge 5k, Whole Hog

    Favourite event Don’t have one yet. I liked Insane Terrain as I ran alone, and I like the lack of military style being shouted at and burpee forfeits. Also loved the relaxed, fun nature of Whole Hog but got ill afterwards and not enough obstacles for me. Loved Spartan obstacles, and it was my first, so …y’know…you always have a soft spot for your first

    Next race(s) signed up for
    Wolf Run Warwickshire – this coming weekend! (Eek)
    Half Mudder
    Bear Grylls Cambridge

    About me After many unfit years trying to find an exercise that didn’t feel boring and like a chore, I started lifting weights in about 2011 and then also got into pole fitness in 2014. I’ve run twice with pole fitness buddies under our “Muddy Polecat” team.
    Self-employed doing a desk-bound job, but one I love so consider myself very lucky. Love TV and films, travel and reading. Mum of a 6 year old boy (who hates mud, go figure).

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    Thomas Holden

    Name: Tom

    Where I live: Middlesbrough

    Events I’ve run so far: Total Warrior, The Dirty Weekend, Tough Mudder (Yorkshire), The Deer Stalker & Man Vs Mountain.

    Favorite Race and why: The Dirty Weekend – Because the distance was a great challenge but the amount of obstacles kept it interesting.

    About me: I work in the chemical industry which means that i am either sat in front of a computer or running about like a mad man. I have always been into sports & fitness. I have played Football, Basketball, Hockey & competed in some Athletics. I currently play Rugby, go Running, Mountain Biking (but only a litte) & do a bit of Cross Training. I decided to start doing some obstacle racing because it sounded like a good challenge but one which would keep me interested. Once me & my friends started we were hooked & have been looking for more to do!


    Richard Ward

    Name: Richard
    Where I live: Yorkshire
    Events I’ve run so far: Adrenaline Rush, Total Warrior, Endurer, Tough Mudder x 4 (Yorkshire & Midlands), Pain & Suffering.
    Favorite Race and why: Pain & Suffering (March 2016) – I was just brutal and the hardest thing I’ve done so far.
    About me: I work in IT, bit of a gym rat, love mountain biking, new to running



    Name: Lee
    Where I live: Wolverhampton
    Previous events: too many to mention but few of my favourites: tough guy, DOTT, avalanche, JCB, Reaper.
    Favourite events: tough mudder for promoting the team building side of OCR, Suffering and Tough Guy for the most rewarding races.
    Future events: Got at least 1 OCR every 2 weeks so a long way to go this year. Looking forward to completing the Spartan trifecta even if I am completing the Edinburgh Beast first.
    About me: I got into obstacle racing at very difficult time in my life and I cant seem to escape it now always wanting to run further and climb higher.





    Steve Turner

    Name: Steve

    Where: Coventry, West Midlands

    Events so far: Only done 1 event – Spring 2016 WOLF Run.

    Next Event: Not sure?

    About me: I really surprised myself at my first event back in April 2016. Starting in the first wave and coming home first. Made me realise I might be quite good at OCR. Since then I have been completed hooked and can’t wait to enter another event, just not sure which one yet.



    Name: Steve

    Where I live: Essex/London

    Events I’ve run so far: Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 2012, Tough Mudder 2013, Addidas Thunder Run 24hr relay 2014 + 2015

    Favourite Race and why: Both were fun, maybe TM as it was on more of a grand scale than MHSOF. I didn’t find either particularly hard though.

    About me: Got into running for fun/exercise about 6 years ago, started entering short races, then did a half marathon and then the 2 above OCRs and got a taste for something more interesting than just running round a course. Thunder run was a real endurance test, but now I’ve signed up for Tough Guy 2017 for a new challenge



    Name: Jacco

    Where I live: Crewe, Cheshire

    Events I’ve run so far: None!

    Favourite Race and why: See previous answer.

    About me: Dutch guy living in the UK for a while now. Found myself getting more and more out of shape with no motivation to go to the gym (no matter how hard I try). So I figured I’d set myself a challenge: run an OCR in September. It may become A Thing. :o)
    Beyond that: working in creditmanagement, new dad, trying to learn to play the mandolin and avid boardgamer.


    Steve Turner

    Hi Jacco
    Good luck with your OCR future.
    There are loads of helpful hints and tips on the web and loads of awesome You Tube videos you could watch.
    I would certainly recommend some specific OCR training exercises to develop your fitness levels. is a good website.


    Claire Gibbins

    Name: Claire

    Where I live: Hinckley Leicestershire

    Events so far: Spartan Sprint, Xtreme Challenge

    Favourite race and why: Sprint – never felt my adrenaline peak so much!

    About me: I have always been into fitness, but I have dodgy legs…I have too much cartilage in my knee caps and muscular imbalances in my legs which used too (Not happened for approx. 10 years) knee dislocation. 4 years ago I ran Silverstone half marathon I absolutely loved it…but this gave me quite bad stress fractures in my shins so I can no longer road run. I felt extremely depressed for about 2 years I also gave up a very cardio based sport and the pounds started to pile on. Then last year I found out about OCR and decided to give it ago. I have signed up for charity to run 12 OCR’s this year including ‘Spartan Trifecta September’
    One thing I have never really got to grips with is nutrition…any advice gratefully received.


    Bex Bridge

    Name: Bex

    Where I live: Colchester, Essex

    Events so far: Nuclear Fallout 2016, (signed up for Nuclear Rush ’17, Mudstacle Mayhem ’17, and considering the madness of Spartan as well)

    Favorite Race and why: Only done the Nuclear so far, it was brilliant, loved it so much, though suffered for the next several days afterwards.

    About me: I work with computer graphics and animations in advertising, so lots of sitting at a desk and not moving. I only started running last year, did the Couch to 5k podcast and it worked! I’m doing my first half marathon this Sunday, and have lost 3 stone since starting to work out 6 months ago. So very happy overall, but I have the bug for OCR’s now, running by itself can be a bit dull, but running the Nuclear Fallout OCR was one hell of a full body work out and makes you feel like Lara Croft when you ace an obstacle.


    Kieran Butler

    Name: Kieran

    Where I live: Doncaster south Yorkshire

    Events I’ve run so far: badass mucker, devil mud run, the suffering 5k, iron run.

    Favorite Race and why: the suffering as was a brilliant course and well organised.

    About me: work in purchasing for a aluminium systems company. New to obstacle running this year and now Can’t get enough


    danny vins

    Hi my name is danny

    Runners problems and injuries. Training issues. All other questions related to surgery, orthopedics and medicine of the foot and ankle-Adults and Children. All questions relating to foot and ankle problems in children, Sports medicine of the foot and ankle Runner’s and walking problems. Second Opinion specialist in Foot and Ankle problems including fractures and revision surgery.
    Experience in the area
    Sports Medicine Consultant for the book-Triathlon 101 Essentials for Multisport Success by John Mora – 1999 ISBN 0-88011-811-3 Windy City Sports – October 1996 Marathon Issue “Keeping Your Feet Happy” American Running & Fitness Association, Clinic Advisor & Lifetime Member – Editorial Staff since 1990. PRIVATE PRACTICES: Ankle N Foot, 2220 W Belmont Ave., Chgo., IL 60618 since 1979 Ankle & Foot Center of Elmhurst, 401 N.York Rd., Elmhurst, IL, 60126, since 1989. Physicians Suites, Bethany Hospital, 3435 W. Van Buren, Chgo., Il, 60624, 1980-201. HOSPITAL & SURGICAL AFFILIATIONS: Bethany Hospital, 3435 W. Van Buren, Chgo., Il.- Podiatry staff since 1979-2010 Glen Oaks Medical Center, 701 Winthrop, Glen Dale Hts, IL – Podiatry staff since 1997. Elmhurst Medsurge, 401 N. York Rd., Elmhurst, IL, 60126, since 1999 Resurrection Health Care Surgery Center, 3101 N. Harlem Ave., Chicago, IL, since 1999 Chicago Neurologic & Orthopedic Hospital, 4501 N. Winchester Ave., Chicago, IL, 2008-2010

    My website: betbubbles


    steven hansen

    Hello everybody

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