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    Not tempted to go for four laps?




    Name: Dave

    Where I live: Wigan, North West

    Events I’ve run so far: Manchester 10k, The Beast Double (x2), Total Warrior Super Weekend (10k & 10 mile), Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, Zombie Evacuation, Rat Race Yorkshire Terrier.

    Favourite Race and why: Not the toughest but Zombie Evacuation – I knew full it wasn’t real but I have never run so fast when confronted with a section full of zombies! Lots of fun and hope they do it up north.

    About me: I work for BMW as a Parts Advisor and everyone thinks I’m mad for some of the runs I’ve done but i think they’re just gutted that they’re missing out! I first got the obstacle mud run bug when a friend suggested we do The Beast, since then we’ve been hooked. I live near lots of hills and fields which is ideal for training but I also go Paint-balling which helps when jumping over barrels.

    Next: Pain & Suffering Weekend (Both days), Spartan Trifecta, No Ego Urban Challenge and anything that crops up in between. I have already lined up eXtreme Storm, RR Dirty weekend and Tough Mudder for next year as they clashed with a few things this year.

    I’ll keep an eye out for any mudstacle vests at the runs above and give you a shout! 🙂



    Just realised I’ve been posting on here and not introduced myself…how rude of me!

    Name: Neil

    Where I live: Essex

    Events I’ve run so far: Spartan Beast London, Tough Guy (Summer), , Tough Mudder (London North) x 2, Nuts challenge (2 laps), guts n glory, the gauntlet, Survival of the fittest (Battersea), Grim, Grim 2, Hellracer down south and in the middle, Lactic Fallout, London Marathon x 3.

    Favorite Race and why: It’s a tie between Tough Mudder and Nuts Challenge. Both well organised, friendly marshals and fun obstacles without being repetitive.

    To come: Booked in Paras10 TAB and Tough Guy (winter). On the cards Man vs. Horse, Race the Train and possibly my first Ultra (e.g. London to Brighton). There’ll be other mudstacles arriving inbetween.

    About me: Work full time as a management development trainer and also run my own NLP coaching business working with people with traumas, anxiety and phobias etc. Diagnosed with ME 7 years ago where at the time a long run would have been to my front gate and back with two sticks. Still battling the illness but using the races to give me short term goals to focus on.
    Fundraise a lot for Help for Heroes having done the 5 Peaks Challenge with them last year.




    Where I liveWest Yorkshire

    Events I’ve ran so Far I’m a newbie so races ran YET

    About ME I’m a full time mum to 4 kids and part time student. Last year I decided to do something about my weight (I was morbidly obese) and my fitness. Unfortunately due to medical issues I stopped training for 5 months although managed to keep the weight off ( I had lost over 40lbs). This April decided that I was going to get back into it and decided that I needed a goal. Saw the adverts for Tough Mudder and with the kids pushing me all the way have signed up for October – sounds crazy but I cant wait. Signing up has been a great incentive – training in the gym 3 times a week and then out on the road trying to run 3 days a week.

    To Come Colour Race July 21st
    Spartan Race – Yorkshire September, Tough Mudder October the 6th and then Zombie evacuation (yorkshire) October 21st


    Darren Hogwood

    Name: Darren
    Where I live: Ipswich, Suffolk

    Events I’ve run so far: Spartan Sprint London, Super Spartan Midlands, Spartan Beast London, Tough Mudder South London, Rat Race – Full Mucker, Mucky Race – Guts and Glory, Mucky Race – The Gauntlet, Mucky Race – Sole Destroyer, Paras 10 Aldershot TAB, Paras 10 Colchester run. (Plenty more to come before I start slowing down.

    Favorite Race and why: PARAS 10. Simple, Cheap, Test of Mind and Body that tells you a lot about yourself. Very British, not a ‘hi-five’ in sight. Nice.

    About me: I am 43 years old, I work from home, driving a desk and three years ago I was a typical 40+ who played the odd bit of sport (from memory) drifting in and out of gymss with longer times on the ‘out’ than the in and taking longer than longer to reach goals when I was there. After having to buy a pair of size 38″ trousers I decided enough was enough and started attending Five Star Boot Camp in Ipswich.

    After six months I was back to an acceptable weight but more importantly was enjoying a functional fitness that I hadn’t had since I was in my 20s. I got into Muddy races and obstacling as a way of testing my fitness and having new goals on the calendar.

    The biggest inspiration I get is seeing people on the start line who many would write off as too old, too unfit, too overweight to be doing it but you take a closer look and you can see it in their eyes that they have the mental toughness to get the job done, however long it takes them. A show of strength is all very impressive but a Show of Heart?? Get me everytime.



    Name: Thomas

    Where I live: Wandsworth, London

    Events I’ve run so far : Tough Mudder SW London and Grim Beast in the East. Planning on doing the Spartan Sprint and possibly Beast too – might not be around for the super.

    Favorite Race and why: Well I’ve only done one, so for now it’s TM, but I’m keen on getting stuck into other events.

    About me: I’m studying in the UK after finishing my undergrad in Malta. Over the last year and a half I’ve been gradually building fitness up, and for some reason ended up joining the University Boxing club for general fitness (where I was introduced to the the joy of burpess), which led to me going for a random run one evening, and then signing up for tough mudder. I really dig the idea of obstacle course racing, because it offers a variety of challenges and requires all-round fitness. I’ll definitely be doing more, especially as I’ll be in the UK for a while.



    Welcome Thomas!




    Name: Kevin

    Where I live: Horley,Surrey

    Events I’ve run so far: Tough Guy nettle warrior, Tough Mudder south London, Nuts challenge (summer 2 laps, winter 1 lap),Grim challenge, Grim 2 beast in the east x2, Hellrunner down south, Reaper run, Demon run series London, Pewsey Terminator and Brutal 10 Bramshott.

    Favorite Race and why: The tough guy because of the number of competitors and the size of the obstacles.

    To come: Trionium midsummer munro, Tough guy nettle warrior and Red Bull steeplechase. Can i do 4 laps of the nuts in september? I have my doubts.

    About me: I’m 30 years old and starting running last year after doing nothing since my teens, with the goal to enter the nettle warrior on my 30th birthday. Ever since that event i have found myself hooked on obstacle races and mud runs. I now enter as many as i can afford and always looking for new challenges and different events with new twists to push myself.



    Welcome everyone who’s posted up recently! It looks like we’ve got some right characters 😀 and some really awesome reasons for using races as fitness goals. Darren you’re spot on, we’re a mixed bag when we’re all standing at the start line, but in a way our kind of fitness is in the head. It’s mental toughness that gets us through more than anything else.

    PeterK – You’re a world record holder for pinch lifting, that’s crazy! You must be a beast at monkey bars!

    Pretty awesome that everyone has got so many events planned. I think I’ll be at the same place as every one of you at least once in the next month… so say hi if you spot the lankiest guy in the world wearing a Mudstacle vest 😉



    Name: Duane

    Where I live: Battle, East Sussex

    Events I’ve run in the last year:3 Laps Nuts Challenge, 1 Lap Nuts Challenge, Tough Guy.

    Favourite Race and why: Gotta be Nuts Challange, couldn’t walk properly for a couple of days. Tough Guy was too easy but fun, all the hype kind of ruined it was expecting a lot worse.

    About me: Half geek half athlete. Love technology, love sport induced pain. Forced into club swimming as a kid, moved onto mountain bike racing, done many triathlon including 2 Ironman. Ironman Canada when I was 19, The Longest Day (Ironman distance) when I was 27. Just love life and the outdoors, pretty simple really. Peace maaaaan.



    Name: Mark

    Where I live: Camberley (Surrey/Berkshire border)

    Events I’ve run: Tough Mudder, Spartan, various Triathlons and half-ironman, and taking part in Nuts Challenge this August.

    About me: I’m the founder of Judgement Day which launches in April 2014. I think obstacle events are focussing too much on the post event party than the event itself. Most events (there are certainly exceptions — Nuts Challenge is one of those) need to get back to basics and put the emphasis on the event and not the beer tent, food stalls, DJs and stuff which should be on the periphery.

    What do I hate about obstacle events: One thing springs to mind — electrocution. It isn’t fun, you can’t train for it and it bloody hurts.


    About time I got round to this:

    Name; Craig

    Where; Colchester, Essex

    Events Completed; Tough Guy Nettle Warrior, Tough Mudders (x2), Spartan Race Trifecta, Water Wipeout, a couple of others I cant remember the names of, various non-obstacle runs.

    Events to Run; As many Tough Mudders and Spartan Races possible (season passes), Nuts Challenge (aiming for 4 laps), Go-Ruck Challenge, and anything else I can think of…

    About Me; Started running a couple of years ago, fell into obstacle racing last year and never looked back. Now I am hooked and just trying to find more, bigger, scarier events to enter to keep pushing my limits.



    Name: Cath

    Where I live: Doncaster

    Events: None so far, but signed up for Pretty Muddy at Clumber Park and the Major Series in Leeds in September.

    About me: I started getting serious about getting fit about a year ago. Having a full time desk job, a six year old son and a husband who works shifts, it can be tricky fitting in exercise so I soon got selective about the type of things I preferred, which turned out to be anything involving punching, kicking, running about like a lunatic sand generally pushing myself hard in the limited time I have. A friend and I started to challenge ourselves with charity walking and hiking events and have now extended that with a like-minded bunch of friends to our first obstacle races in September. So looking forward to them and really enjoying the training!



    Name: Matt

    Where I live: York

    Events I’ve run so far: Total Warrior (10 km), Hell Runner (Hell In the Middle x2), Pain Barrier x2, Survival of the Fittest (Nottingham)

    Favorite Race and why: Hell Runner – it was the first mud run I did and it was the perfect course to challenge me but not destroy me. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Races for the rest of 2013:Hell Runner (Hell up North)

    About me: I work in the speciality chemical industry doing research and development work. I’ve been in to fitness and running for a long time so when a mate suggested doing a mud run a couple of years ago I jumped at the chance to have something to work towards. Since then I have continuously had different mud/obstacle runs as my main training target.



    Name: Emily

    Where I live: Preston,Lancashire

    Events I’ve run so far: Zero, however I have signed up for the No Ego Mud Challenge

    Favorite Race and why: See above lol.

    About me: I am a wife and mum of 3 boys and stuck in a part time dead end job while I try to decide on a career. I have recently starting to get fit and attending outdoor bootcamp sessions twice a week which i love! i decided to try out mud runs/obstacle courses because i always loved stuff like that pre-kids and road running just seems dull!

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