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    Name: Natalie

    Where I live: West Sussex

    Events I’ve run so far: Back 2 the trenches, Brutal 10k and Half marathon, Grim

    fave race and why: Not sure yet but I suspect Nuts in 3 weeks time will be the nuts!! I’m so excited 🙂

    About ME: I started running May 2012. I love my marathon running- have done Rome, Edinburgh and Bath so far this year, with Bournemouth, Athens and Jamaica to come later in 2013 (Jamaica is for our honeymoon:)) but i love my muddy obstacle runs.

    To Come: Nuts 4 laps on Sept 1st


    gavin portier

    Name: Gav
    Where I live: Sheffield
    Events I’ve run so far (some multiple of each): Sheffield Man of Steel
    Upcoming Events: Wild Thing, Spartans, Peak Endurer
    Favorite Race and why: TBD…
    About me: Forty years young, 6 kids. I work in NHS adult health & social care , managing a complex dementia unit.
    I’ve always loved training and cross fit with my climbing led me to OCR.



    Name: Nigel better known as Badger

    Where I live: Bicester, Oxfordshire
    Events: I’m fresher than fresh so have only done 1 Spartan sprint, with the super and beast in september and Nov. Looking to do many more, like the sound of nuts 4 laps, rat race full mukker and paras10

    Favorite Race and why: We shall see

    About me: always up for a laugh and first in line for a challenge or charity events. Like to push myself and usually friends or even strangers… you have been warned! always been keen to keep fit and active with gym work, Karate, running, cycling and the dredded (but fun) circuit training.
    Hadn’t really thought about mud runs until one of my pals spoke about the wolf run he had completed so that was then, and this is now and we both have the bug and are loving it… bring it on is all i can say haha!
    Speak soon
    Badger out


    Carpe Diem

    Name: Jack

    Where I live: Crawley

    Events I’ve ran so far: Brutal Minley 20k

    Favourite Race: well as it’s the only one it’ll have to be the Brutal! Did really enjoy it, but not sure if it counts as a mud/OCR event; was more of a hilly trail race.

    About me: I’m a desk-monkey / office worker, but more importantly I’m a runner and have been since 2010. Before then I tried quite a few sports (cricket, rugby, tennis, football) being equally useless at all of them. I’ve now found I’m slightly less useless at running (only slightly mind) so have stuck with it. Also I do really enjoy it ? I run everything from 5k Parkruns to some big city international marathons.
    Actually I’ve yet to do a mudstacle-style event (not counting the aforementioned brutal). The wife (NattyC) has done several, loves them and finally persuaded me to try one. I picked the Nuts Challenge 4 laps event as I don’t see the reason to doing things by halves… I’m typing this on Friday evening with the race on Sunday morning, so in a couple of days’ time I’ll either be:

    a) dead or dying,
    b) swearing never to do another event,
    c) planning my next one!

    Am looking forward to finding out which 😛



    Hi all,

    I haven’t been on the site for quite a long while. Looks like all is going really well, which is good to see. I nearly dropped out of the Nuts event as had badly sprained my ankle 10 weeks ago and it was taking an age to recover, but made a last minute decision to do it as the last week its been feeling better and I had been in the gym and my good old mental reserves turned up in full as I made it round the 3 laps in 4.5 hours so was very happy!

    I’m determined to get myself in better shape now and post a better time for the next Nuts Challenge in March.

    Gonna have a look around the site, get a T-Shirt etc and maybe sign up to another event before the end of the year.




    Name: Rob

    Where I live: Essex

    Events I’ve ran so far: MH SOF London 2012, Avalanche Run, Notorious Night Run Notts, Adrenaline Warrior Race, Spartan Sprint London & Cambridge, a few 10K`s here and there.

    Upcoming events: MHSOF Notts & London, Spartan Super & Beast, 2014 London West Tough Mudder and Rat Race dirty Weekend

    Fav race: Probably London Spartan Sprint, exceeded expectations, or the Avalanche Run, was a real tough challenge.

    About me: Work in IT and have always hated running but been an avid gym goer, then a mate of mine mentioned about doing MHSOF last year, signed up and fell in love with it, now do as many as I can afford to and the missus will let me go to. Just started up Crossfit to help with the athletic side of things!

    Looking forward to some big events in the next few months.



    Name: Damon

    Where I live: near Wellingborough

    Events I’ve run so far: Warrior Adrenaline Race 10k Dunstable; The Suffering 10k Rocking Castle; Stanwick 10k road race; Rushden 5 mile

    Upcoming Events: Warrior Adrenaline Race 10k Dunstable; The Suffering 10k Rocking Castle; Insane Terrain Doddington

    Favorite Race and why: still getting to grips with these things, and haven’t done enough to have a favourite yet!

    About me: Got into running about 2 years ago to ‘get fit for 40’, and stuck with it, pushing distance and difficulty as I’ve gone on. Aiming to do a half marathon, then maybe push up to a full one eventually. Love trail running and obstacle races, but still getting my head around how to tackle them properly. I run ‘barefoot’, which seems to freak people out at events (especially my Vibrams on road races), but which seems to have sorted out the achilles pain I used to have.

    I may have bitten off more than I can chew with 10k obstacles on both 28 and 29 Sept!


    Courtney Bullock

    Name: Courtney

    Where I live: Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

    Events run so far: Mucky races Guts n Glory x2 and The Gauntlet x2. Grim Beast in the East. Couple of women only duathlons and a 5k.

    Fav event: The last Gauntlet! I have always had to do any events on my own as none of my friends wanted to previously, and on that run there was so much camaraderie that it made it fun and the swamp was just fantastic!!

    About me: Work in our family’s fancy dress shop so work life is fun! Got into OCR in 2011 and I do it for fun, as although I go to the gym but I also like my food. I like the challenge of completing it and getting filthy muddy! Next year I turn 30 in Jan and I’ve decided to participate in as many OCR as money will allow. I’ve started a diet and fitness plan last week, so hopefully by the end of nxt year I can actually get some PBs!

    Events to come: The gauntlet part 2 on 6th oct then Tough mudder London west is my first entry so far for next year.


    Name: Mel

    Where I live: Bournemouth, Dorset

    Events I’ve run so far: Mens Health – survival of the fittest, Naked 10km run (Not nude!) Tough Mudder, Kamikaze, Tough Mudder, 10k races for charities on the South Coast, 5k Race for Life numerous times, Nuts Challenge, Rat Race – Dirty weekend, TR24 (24 hour cross country relay race with a team of 6)

    Favorite Race and why: Mens Health, survival of the fittest 10km – Battersea. Smallish waves with good breaks between so no bottlenecking at obstacles (this is enough to make me have obstacle course rage if i’m chasing a time to beat)

    Next Race: BraveRunner presents Lake Fear. Team Fear have designed a race for competitors to battle it out over land, water and air (you literally free fall in some places) muddy, gritty, with great sprints to separate you from the pack. Looking forward to having a go at putting my name on the ladies top three. (Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd)

    About me: I’m a local Personal Trainer and entered my first race with clients for fun. After doing fairly well, I got hooked and aim to do one race a month. Whether it’s a flat race with only my mental minerals to beat or a 13 mile obstacle course I will run my heart out and give it my all. Love the camaraderie you find on the way too but don’t falter at the top of the cargo netting as I will take you out…. Does that seem harsh? (I reserve the right to retract that statement :-))

    As a mother of two and self employed with three businesses, i love and need the escapism these races provide.

    Look forward to seeing you and competing with you in the future.

    Mel the Merciless x x x


    neil handley

    name: neil

    where I live: Newark Nottinghamshire

    events run so far: hellrunner,avalanche run,yorkshire terrior night race,x runner x4,farmagedon,dirty weekend,pain and suffering,total warrior,spartan Cambridge

    future races 2013: Spartan super,beast,Endurer dash,reaper,steeplechase

    about me: senior runner at 44 however loves to push myself to the limit and is still determined to do better in every race by finishing in the top 10% 🙂


    scott smith

    Name: Scott

    Where I live@ Essex

    Races I’ve run so far:
    Rudolph run 2012
    Lactic Rush 2013
    National Lottery Anniversary run (Family run with my 5 yer old son!)
    The Nuts Challenge (summer 2013)

    Favourite Race: The Nuts Challenge. A tough race with some seriously tough obstacles. Lots of them but so much fun!!

    About me: I work for Canon as a Sales Manager.
    Aged 34 I have never really been into fitness or running till late last year. 6.5 years ago a brief battle with bowel cancer left me with a stoma/ileostomy. In 2012 I had gained some weight and this began to cause some issues with me ostomy. So with the help of my PT I began training. We worked on running to build up my core strength. One day I became bored with road running and took a detour through our local forest…my love for mud running began!
    It has taken me a few years since my illness and with the challenges an ostomy provides, however, I now class it as just another obstacle to overcome 😉



    Name: Aidan

    Where I live: London

    Events I’ve run so far: Tough Guy Jan 2013, Spartan Trifecta 2012, Wolf Run x 2 2012, Nuts Challenge 2012, Night Terror 2012, Grim Challenge 2011.

    Upcoming Events: Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest (London), Judgement Day.

    Favorite Race and why: Tough Guy, because it very nearly destroyed me! I got stuck in mud and in queues, battled hills and hypothermia, and endured electric shocks and leg cramps (once when halfway up a cargo net climb…), but I finished it. Probably my greatest achievement.

    About me: Early thirties, mostly lead a sedentary life, and was roped into training with colleagues for a race. Then another race, and another, until in the end it was just me.



    Name: Nathan

    Where I live: East Kent

    Events run so far: Spartan sprint London 2013, Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2013

    Upcoming Events: Nuclear Blackout, Warrior run Brighton, Potentially Winter Wolf Run, Spartan Beast.

    Favorite Race and Why: Spartan sprint London, as my first event and with almost no training this was me opening my eyes to the world of OCR, I had always said ‘I’d love to do that one day…’ I made that one day happen and ran it solo. I spen most of the run wondering why I had signed up and that I wasn’t going to finish, but when I did the sense of achievement was huge! It was a solidly difficult starting event and it’s kept me running and training ever since!

    About me: 23 year old, I work in maintenance at a power station and spend most of my time working, training or fiddling with Japanese cars.


    Simon Fowler

    Name: Simon
    Where I live: Essex
    Events I’ve run so far: Lactic Rush, Lactic Fallout, Baddow 10m, Brentwood half, and most recently Nuclear Blackout
    Upcoming Events: Lactic Fallout, Tough Mudder (London West)
    Favorite Race and why: Nuclear Blackout – a completely different challenge running in the dark, listening out for other runners is a weird experience, but helped by having a mega-bright headtorch and achieving a to 50 place (out of 52 runners, but hey, it counts!) – race completed even with a broken metatarsal (broken 3-weeks before the race on a 12-mile training run – oops!)
    About me: Forty years young, 2 kids. I’m Technical Director for a renewable energy installation company and also run my own consultancy. If there’s a challenge to be had, I’m always up for it; and I don’t let anything stop me once I’ve got my mind on a particular goal (or a beer after a race, whichever seems more suitable at the time!)
    I’m on here after meeting Scott (a few posts above) who I ran alongside for a large amount of Nuclear Blackout last weekend…. sorry for running off for a final sprint to the line Scott, but I couldn’t let Kevin get to the line first, particularly as he claimed he hadn’t trained (LOL)


    Name: Fran
    Where I live :Essex
    Events I’ve run so far: Survival of the Fittest, Lactic Rush.
    Favourite race, and why: Loved them both, great adrenaline rush.
    Next race: Xtreme Beach.
    About me: I love running and discovered obstacle races last November. Beside Xtreme beach I’m also signed up for Lactic Fallout and Survival of the fittest again. Also training for a half marathon.
    I’m a teacher of children with severe learning difficulties and find running a great stress buster.

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