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Judgement Day Team Challenge

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    Not seen a thread for this yet.

    Who is going? Anyone else entered for one of the Mudstacle teams?

    The sandbag carrying is sounding like it will be fun…


    Alan Smith

    Yep, Hemel Hempstead BMf are signed up and looking forward to it.

    Though the 2 x 20kg and 1 x 30kg sand bags don’t sound fun.

    Does anybody know the actual distance or is it a secret?



    Member of team Burgandy.

    Last event the sandbag carry was well over a mile so don’t expect it to be easy!

    Told my girlfriend (as a complete novice) that she’ll be fine for this to settle her nerves, I might have left out that it’s one of the toughest events I’ve ever done… oops…


    Adam Jacobs

    I was under the impression that the sandbags were to be carried from the start to the finish? 4 per team of 8?


    jason pittaway

    I think its 6 to 7 miles and the sandbags have to be carried all the way round.



    Well if you have to carry sandbags all the way round ‘m glad i didnt sign up for that.., the sandbag carry at the 1st JD was was very hard if you chose unwisely like me, soon switched that over at the rope climb though lol..
    Roll on BORDON!

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    Bordon was fantastic but it’s making me seriously doubt wisdom of signing up for the team challenge. Just so long as there aren’t any bucket carries!


    Darren Hogwood


    I was going great guns on the carry at Copehill until some bastard stole my sandbag at the ro……

    ….WAIT A MINUTE!!!

    The introduction of regulation bags that were used yesterday will resolve that. As for taking them the whole way around? BRING IT ON. I am built for comfort not speed.

    Let the donkey see the carrot.



    HAHAH that made me chuckle TorroMierda,
    for what its worth, i had the big red bag of doom at Bordon and really suffered for it, so hope that makes you feel a bit better 🙂 good luck if your doing the team challenge.



    Burpees. Yum.


    Thomas Nash

    @nathan… if it helps tell your Girlfriend that she is in very good hands, we’ve got some very good experience of OCRs in our mixed team and we’ll all help each other get around the course. 🙂 Go team Burgundy…!!


    Andrew Appleton

    I’m looking to join a male/mixed team for JD Team event, if anyone know of a team that requires another member please give me details. Have completed Spartan Beast/SOFT/JD Bordon so love sandbags….


    Adam Luck

    I think Pete said that was still a space for a male on one of the teams. He is probably at Urban Attack at the moment so will doubtless come back to you soon.

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