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Love obstacles, hate running :)

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    Andrew Grandin

    Hi All,

    Myself and my team completed a tough mudder recently but were all a little disappointed at the ratio of distance to obstacles.

    We’re now looking for an alternative to complete next and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on races that have more of an emphasis on obstacles and less on the distance. Personally we’d love something like a 5 mile course but crammed with back-to-back obstacles 🙂


    Alan Viveash

    The Nuts challenge is a 7km loop with obstacles a plenty. Not as big as TM/Dirty Dozen, but they grind you down. Options for 1-4 laps.

    Nuclear Races is a pretty busy 12km course too.


    Richard Watt

    I’d agree with the Nuts challenge, I did the 21km last year. As above each loop is 7km, normally I can run that in 35 mins so I was thinking it’d maybe take an hour. On the day, each lap took me about 2hrs due to the obstacles, wasn’t much queuing either cause if you’re doing multiple laps then you get fast tracked through.


    Steve Ballantine

    The permanent courses (like nuts, nuclear and Tough Guy) definitely have an advantage in terms of obstacles per km.
    Outside of that lot I’d probably say Toughest would be the best for someone who was more obstacle focused.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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