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Newbie starting out, training advice wanted.

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    Andy Brown

    EDIT: I figured out the wall part anyway. After typing that post I just googled Obstacle Course Stokholm and found loads of video’s of people doing an army obstacle course.

    I just got back running there and back and having a go around the course. Great fun and no problems with walls (o:

    OP: Sorry for the thread hijack but it seemed better to put a newbie training question here rather than start a new thread.


    Liam Hayman

    Ok, well just to warn you, you are going to come across walls a bit bigger than 6 feet 😛


    Andy Brown

    Oh I’ve no doubt Liam but I’ve got to start building confidence somewhere right (o;


    Lee Mortimer

    Hi Lisa, welcome to OCR!!!

    I would recommend running and Insanity, Insanity: Max 30, I know it’s not a beefy weight lifting plan but it will exercise the main parts of your body needed for OCR.

    I do Insanity Max 30 in the morning, then a nice lunchtime run each day, with a long run at the weekend, investing in a pull up bar is a good choice, not just to do pull ups on, but to do some dead hanging, which will help with things like monkey bars and hang tough type obstacles.

    Apart from that, you have the most important thing and OCR needs, the drive and commitment to push yourself to complete the training and the course, good luck and enjoy the journey, as once you go over the finish line of your first OCR, you will feel amazing, don’t worry about time or placing, just knowing you have completed it will be enough, let us all know how you get on!!!!


    ABF Mudrun

    Have some regular practice before planning for Tough mudder challenges.. You have to be moving, running, climbing, pulling, wading, swimming, crawling—and essentially exerting yourself for the duration of the race.

    Thanks for sharing…


    Jim Cissel

    That’s the best way to start again Lisa, slowly and increasing and everything will get into fit. Go Lisa!


    Steve Turner

    Hi Lisa
    I have just come across your post.
    Hope the training is going well and maybe you have completed an event by now.
    Just thought I would add a little advice about including off road running into your runs.
    It is really important to run off road and develop good foot to eye coordination. The more you get used to running off road, through mud and water etc the more fine you’ll be about it come event day. is a pretty good website for training advice etc


    Joel Hayes

    There are some awesome answers in here already. For OCR and getting back into it, it’s all about progression. Once you reach step, you take the next, and the next.

    OCR’s (doing them well) require a very good aerobic base and a very good anaerobic base. You need enough upper body strength to make it through obstacles and you need the skill for the obstacles. The techniques you know and use will make a huge difference on whether or not you complete an obstacle. Agility is a huge plus. Being able to move over uneven and rugged terrain. Strength is most important for the carries. Outside of those things, running hills is maybe your best bet!

    Putting it all into a functional working program is the hard part.

    If you need additional help, check out They are an online company that creates OCR programs for people customized toward their goals.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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