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    Chris H

    Hi after having a great time at nuclear rush in May my wife and I have signed up for the 12k fallout in November.

    My wife is very worried about the cold as she is tiny. I think if we run frozen she will have a bad experience.

    If the course is similar to rush in May a large amount of time will be spent in water. Has anyone worn or considered wearing a wetsuit as a base layer? Obviously depending on the conditions it bay not be needed, however, I’m thinking if the temperature is less than say 10 it may be worth a try.

    Any thoughts?


    Andrew Appleton

    I wore a CIC shortie wetsuit purchased at £22.50 from a well know online store (plus Typhoon KONA 1.5MM Neoprene Gloves and TWF 3mm Socks) at Nuts winter 4laps in March and it was probably a big factor in getting me round. After 2 laps I was feeling hot and considered removing it, but once my speed had slowed and I got caught up in queues I was so greatful that kept it on. The purpose is to keep your core warm, once that gets cold the blood is pulled from your hands and feet to your core to protect your vital organs, hence hands/feet get cold first. I would say buy a suit and wear it a few times first testing on training runs submersing in water and see how you and wife feel in it. If not required for Nuclear as you may be fine for 12k as long as moving at a reasonable speed then at least you have in your locker for future winter events TG/Nuts etc



    Quite a few people wear wetsuits at Winter Nuts and Tough Guy. If she suffers from the cold then I’d say go for it. There’s so much water at Nuclear you’re right that it’ll affect her experience if her core temperature drops

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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