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Nuts Challenge March 2015

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    Allan Pilbro

    Hey Everyone,
    Has anybody set up a team for the Nuts Challenge in March 15 as I am going to sign up for this OCR and don’t want to run it alone and was wondering if anybody had a team and wouldn’t mind me jumping on with them?


    Adrian Payne

    Get the yellow shirt on and you’ll be part of Team Mudstacle with the rest of us


    Claire Newey

    Yes I did & all welcome 🙂

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    Stephanie Scott

    Where is it? 🙂


    Pete Faulkner

    As Adrian said; you’re never alone if you turn up an event wearing mudstacle yellow with pride! Nuts is absolutely epic – get signed up!!!!!!!!!


    Dominic Ballisat

    doing it for the 4th time in march 😀 its amazing!! chuck on your yellow shirt & see you there 🙂


    paul wright

    I’m attempting it for the 1st time in march, will be in mudstacle yellow of course. cannot wait for it.


    Andrew Layzell

    Signed up for 2 laps on the Sunday – will be my 2nd OCR and will be wearing my Mudstacle t-shirt!!! Need whole of winter to train and get fitter and stronger. Looking forward to seeing you there.


    Allan Pilbro

    I will be putting on the yellow tshirt and i will join everyone,
    Is anyone going for the 4laps?

    Claire – Whats the name of your team?

    Stephanie – It is in surrey i believe and its only £45 for all of the races even the 4 laps until the first 500 have signed up.

    Is anyone doing beast this weekend?


    Alan Viveash

    4 laps here! The cold beat me last year and I only got 2 laps done. Better kit and prep this time around 🙂


    Speaking of kit – does anyone have any specific recommendations for gloves for this? People say neoprene ones, but what thickness and do they grip?


    Alan Viveash

    I used the 2.5mm TWF gloves that Pete suggested. They work well but I didn’t once make it over the rope swing due to the amount of mud. Grip isn’t a problem anywhere else on the course with the gloves.


    Allan Pilbro

    Im hoping that i can make 4 but im not betting on it,
    How hard is it? What could you compare it to?


    Alan Viveash

    Doing 4 laps is definitely a tough challenge in the summer. In winter it’s massively tougher. You have to run (rather than walk) the whole distance or cold will creep in and shut your body down, bearing in mind you’re on course for about 5 hours if you’re good. That and the ground is a quagmire from the previous days runners so it’s effort for the full distance.

    The obstacles are relentless with only 2 clear running sections. You’ll wind up finding simple low hurdles a complete 100% effort slog to drag yourself over after a few laps. It looks easy as the obstacles aren’t epic Dirty Dozen or Tough Mudder style jobs, there’s just so many of them.

    It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had a punt at!

    But… It’s bloody awesome!



    I think running as a team is awesome in obstacle racing but there are two events that I think I would always avoid it at: 4 laps of Winter Nuts and Winter Tough Guy… at least if you want to finish.

    I know that might seem like an odd statement, but it’s a survival thing. You’re likely to be pushed to the brink from a strength and endurance point of view and also from a body heat point of view. I find in those two races I have to go at my own pace, if I were to speed up or slow down for somebody else (for a long period), I’d either exhaust myself, seize up or get too cold.

    Again – that only applies to the the very long, wet, cold and exhausting races.

    HOWEVER – the beauty of the Nuts now is that there are so many friendly faces from Mudstacle and elsewhere running around the course that you can move at your own pace but hang out with different people for a few minutes at a time. I did that in the summer and it was great.

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