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October Tough Guy – gear and tyres

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    Hi all, I’ve found myself signing up for the October Tough Guy in a fit of fear it’ll be the last TG I get to do (entry to January is dependent on how well I cope with this and Winter Wolf Run, plus convincing myself and my partner that I won’t die, and after January it looks like they’re over). Two questions:

    Does anybody know how cold the October one tends to be? What kind of gear are we talking? I ordered some Helly Hansen base layers and I’m looking at neoprene vest, hat, gloves and socks… are those necessary for October? (If not, reckon I should have them anyway for the Winter Wolf?) I’ve previously only done the Nettle Warrior and the April half-marathon distance, both of which were hot and sunny. Also, can anyone recommend any non-animal alternatives to merino?

    Also, the typically-insane instructions contain this gem:

    “Bring Your Own Car Tyre OR Pick Your Own Here
    Write Your Number On It, Name It ‘Fred’ OR your favourite?
    Necklace Wear It, Carry It, Drag It – 800 metres.
    Park ‘Fred’ lovingly, Crash the Killing Fields
    Find ‘Fred’ For More Enjoyable Punishment.
    Fling Fred to Straddle Prize Post.
    Park ‘Fred’ For Second Passing to Retrieve ‘Fred’. Then Enter Fred Rolling Contest.
    Bring ‘Fred’ Home to receive his medal!”

    Um, do you think they’re serious? Because not gonna lie, the course itself is difficult enough for me. I’m pretty sure I can’t do it with a car tyre. Even if we ditch it for the Killing Fields. Do you think anyone will mind if I bottle it and show up with a bike tyre or a wheelbarrow tyre or something?


    Alan Viveash

    TG is pretty “unique/creative/on crack” when it comes to race day information, but the site suggest solo runners do so with a tyre as it’s a “team event”. Note the awesome spelling 🙂

    Teams of 6 competing to be the Toughest Team of all.
    Teams of 2 compleating the course tied together.
    Individual challange compleate the whole course with a tyre.

    Kit wise, check the weather and compare that against how you handle the cold. For me it’s pretty much “summer” kit when it comes to October races. I may chuck a long sleeve compression layer in the mix, but otherwise i’m fine. If you really feel the cold and it’s very windy & raining, you may want to lightly neoprene your core, but it’s way to early for neoprene for me!

    Alternatives to Merino? Not a clue. I haven’t done merino base layers as I’m too cheap. Neoprene for cold stuff, general compression when it’s warmer. YMMV etc!

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