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    Hi all

    I ran the Mens Health SotF at Wembley back in November and found it really difficult to warm up afterwards despite putting on several layers. I’ll be running the Judgement Day race at the end of February and have a feeling that’s going to be just as cold, does anyone have any recommendations for post race gear to help get/keep warm?

    I saw lots of folk wearing Dry Robes but I’ve not quite got the budget for one just yet but have been looking at insulating jackets like the Montane Prism as an extra layer.



    Steven Thorpe

    Hi Oliver

    I normally make sure I get all my wet clothes off, quick towel dry then something like

    Hat + Gloves
    Nike baselayer, t shirt, hoodie + jacket
    long compression trousers (Nike pro combat style thing) + jogging bottoms
    Couple of pairs of socks

    Nothing fancy, just make sure everything wet is off and get plenty of layers on quickly and am normally fine within 5-10 minutes.

    I think as its a short term warmth issue I wouldn’t personally spend a load on something like that unless I had the budget for a Dry Robe


    Alan Viveash

    I got a DryRobe last May via the Nuclear Rush + Dryrobe offer. They are damn good for getting you warm again (first used it after JD goes Nuts).

    Before I joined all the “cool kids” and got a Dryrobe, I used to just get cold kit off, towel off the worst, then put on trousers + t-shirt + fleece + water/windproof shell (old one). This gets you warm and stops the wind/rain from ruining any warmning efforts. The Dirty Dozen Bobble hat is also a winner.

    I do tend to go shoe/sockless after an event. I hate cleaning 2 pairs of shoes when I get home.



    Dryrobes are good but, even if you put one on, the absolute priority is getting your wet gear off. As soon as you cross the line, no matter how warm and relaxed you’re feeling, prioritise getting changed – even if it means being rude to people who want to stop and chat. It’s surprising how quickly you can get cold once you stop.

    Once wet clothes are off, I just put on as many layers as I have – normally a base layer, wooly jumper, hoodie, waterproof jacket, tracksuit bottoms – ideally stuff that isn’t too fiddly to get on. It sounds like overkill, but you can start stripping back the layers again once you’re feeling comfortable.


    Andy Parry

    get dry as quick as possible.

    I’m not a cool kid with a dry robe, I use a surfers changing towel to get dry and out of my wet stuff quickly and with flashing everyone.

    and then I just layer up with a tshirt or 2, hoody, and then throw on a snowboard jacket, gloves and a hat.

    Then I find the key is to eat or drink something warm like a bacon butty or a coffee


    Alan Viveash

    …like a bacon butty…

    Any excuse eh? 😉



    Thanks all, will make sure to pack plenty of layers for afterwards (and remember some gloves this time round).

    Bacon butty sounds like a good shout too!


    Yep Tse

    Do you reckon the Tough Guy robe will be any good?


    Ami Sawran

    I basically wear another set of cold weather race gear, and if I’m very cold, stick a pair of jersey tracksuit bottoms on, and a hoodie. I don’t like racing in Virus stuff as it gets very wet, but it’s nice to wear afterwards for warmth and compression, however I know that’s an expensive recovery suit!

    Getting dry, and getting all of your race gear off, including undies etc will go a long way to getting you warm, and a warm hat and gloves will really make a difference.


    Henry Jone

    It is better to put some cotton layers in shoes running in cold weather


    Nick Austin

    I’m not convinced by the whole “Dry Robe” thing at all …

    I tend to get out of the wet stuff ASAP and use a “NorthCore” chaging robe ..

    However, I’d be interested to know if there is anything similar (more reasonably priced) to the Dry Robe,

    Being one of the cool kids was never my thing….


    Dave Walton

    Wet gear off, layers on, food. Mind you, I’ve been given a cup of coffee at the end of a race and been shivering so much I’ve quickly spilt the lot! These days I have a flask of thai green or schezuan soup and cheese topped rolls waiting for me in the car.

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