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Protection – should you avoid grazes or embrace battle scars?

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    Kicking things off with Lee Fuller’s Blog Roll Roulette answer:

    We’ve all heard about OCR kisses. That’s right, the bruises and scrapes we get in the line of duty. I for one love a good battle wound. I was able to make “hole in my kneecap” small talk for about three weeks after Tough Mudder London South, when I landed on a chunk of flint… it was pretty gnarly. There’s no better conversation starter on a Monday morning than looking like you’ve had ten rounds with Mike Tyson. As much fun as that is though, if you keep ending up with more Detol poured in open cuts then actual skin left, training and the rest your OCR calendar is going to take a battering. So, as much as I might bully you for being wrapped in cotton wool, sometimes you have to be sensible … maybe?

    What do you think?


    Andy Parry

    i’ll wear knee pads when i know there is going to be a lot crawling on gravel or concrete… i’m not bothered by scars or bruises, i just don’t like pain when i’m crawling.


    Darren Hogwood


    *Through improved fitness and technique.


    Delyth Piper

    I have worn pads in the past, I like to wear skirts occasionally and it tends to look better if my shins aren’t black and blue. 😉

    I’m kind of the same as Andy though, crawling is my biggest issue. Ever since I had an ACL repair that knee is a bugger to crawl on. Not sure why, but it’s like being stabbed, hurts like hell. Anything to cushion that is a plus.



    Just back from Airfield and there were a couple of lads in vests and shorts complaining about the cuts and bruises they’ll have tomorrow. I tend to wear a layer of Skins regardless of conditions. Bruises, don’t mind, but prefer not to get cuts that then get smeared with God knows what. Each to their own, I guess.


    Alan Viveash

    Kneepads if it’s “that kinda course” read: Nuts. Otherwise I just try to avoid blood letting.


    Nick Austin

    Heres another where I’d rather go for “safety first” ..

    If you are in danger of getting cuts, broken skin, or drinking muddy water try to avoid it!… None of those things is likely to
    stop you in the race, but it might stop the Next one, two . . . . if you get an infection of some kind because you were too macho to clean
    up and cover up wounds …

    like the song says… “It’s always funny until someone gets hurt, and then it’s JUST HILARIOUS!” .. ;-/

    Stay Muddy.


    Dave Walton

    For me age is against me. The older I get the longer anything takes to heal, so I cover up knees and elbows at most races.



    Apart from Judgement Day which had an extortionate spell crawling on the knees in out and out tunnels, generally protection isn’t needed as short spells are short, but I’ve mentioned this before on another thread, depends on what makes you feel comfortable, everyone is different and haves different reasons for racing.

    – If its to be quick, agile, competitive, then for me the less on the better, I for one just wear shorts and go topless. But after JD I may add knee covering next time, those scarring were worse than any pain I felt doing the marathon.

    – If its to finish in whichever way you deem fit, quick, slow, as a group and not look like you’ve been 10 rounds with mike Tyson over the weekend, from bushes, thorns, tunnels, etc, then knee, arm protection, lycra et al fill yer boots.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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