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    Declan Traynor

    So here’s the thing, I’ve been running in speedcross since I started OCRs almost a year ago but seeing about changing now, I love everything about the speedcross, I’m pretty much a heel striker so love the cushion and the fit, never had blisters.. But, I’m just looking for something a little lighter, the specs say salomon speedcross are 340g which makes them prob the heaviest out there.. Has anyone made a succesful transition to another shoe for similar reason?


    Steve Ballantine

    From what I’ve heard the Salomon fit is kind of unique (Not really tried them myself so not sure). So if you like that then maybe something else by them would be the way to go? I believe the Fellraiser is lighter and if you want to go nuts then maybe look at the S-Lab Sense Ultra SG or S-Lab Speed. Those all have lower heel-toe differential than the Speedcross though.

    Outside of Salomon, other ones that may be worth looking at would be inov-8 Mudclaw (though not that much lighter if you want the larger heel-toe differential) or Asics Gel Fuji Runnegade (again these are lower drop than the Speedcross – you may be sensing a pattern..)

    It certainly seems to be hard to find shoes with the right attributes that are lighter and also have the big differential of the Speedcross. If you do end up going for something with a lower differential then just make sure to transition slowly and carefully or you’ll pay the price!


    Declan Traynor

    Yep I see the trend, lighter is less cushion and drop.. I actually wear asics with a 4mm drop for most of my road and track running but really didn’t like the comfort of the asics runnegade, so the drop I should handle pretty quickly, just the comfort is great with the speedcross, so maybe the s-lab could be the way forward, anyone confirm if the are a similar feel? Or I’ve seen the icebug zeal has a 6mm drop which is decent, anyone made that transfer?? And thanks for your help Steve


    Alan Viveash

    If you’re down at a 6mm drop, then the Mudclaw 300 or X-Talon 212 will accommodate. I like the Mudclaws myself as I found the X-Talons to be super light, but they suffer in reliability because of this.

    Find a good running shop and try some on, ’tis the only real way.



    If you like the salomons, I can highly recommend the S-lab Speed. Or look out for S’lad Fellcross, 3 which are last seasons model. Without question the best shoes I’ve ever used. – better than any ions-8 or iceberg’s.

    I’ve got some S-lab ultra SG too, but i wouldn’t really recommend them for most uk OCR’s the grips just not designed for deep mud.

    Theres also the Speedcross Pro which may be worth a look as a direct upgrade.

    I also wouldn’t worry too much about weight. Fit, comfort and feel are far more important.

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