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Spartan Obstacle Attempts

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    Liam Hayman


    I can scarcely believe that I cannot find an answer to this, although I suspect that it is buried 50 pages under all of the rubbish. I am aware of the burpees for failing an obstacle, but I can’t find an answer to this question; do I get one attempt? I think it is just one for the spear throw?

    For example with the rope climb, I have never had a chance to try it but I know of some techniques which I am hoping I will get right on the day (hmmmm…). If I mess it up, can I have another go and do the burpees if I just can’t do it or is it straight to the burpees?



    Faye Caley

    Just one attempt for the spear throw.. but take all the time you want to try and climb to the top of the rope, it depends how many people are waiting probably, you’ll soon know if you aren’t going to make it Lol


    Andrew Appleton

    Liam, If you get to venue early you can usually have a practice on spear throw and rope. One attempt in race is reasonable and if fail to take the penalty, if everyone started taking more that one attempt there would then be complaints of queuing. I’m sure if you fail and no other competitor querying then marshal will allow you another attempt but still to take penalty. At Wales super I was in last wave (Spartan 100) and had more than one go at a few obstacles even though I didn’t fail any as was not “racing” and no one waiting.


    Liam Hayman

    Ah I see, I will take the penalty then 🙂

    Thank you both!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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