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    Is anyone planning any of the Spartan Races this year?

    I raced three of them last year and while I did enjoy the races I couldn’t help but be dissappointed by some of them – particularly the Beast. For an organisation of their size and compared to the races they put on in America they just didn’t seem to really invest in creating good obsticles and courses – it all seemed done on a budget. What did everyone else think?

    I am really hoping that they up their game this year as they have the potential to really create some great races.



    Hi tooclose

    I agree with you.  The only Spartan I did last year was the Beast at Brands Hatch and after that experience I wouldn’t do it again.  Getting in to the parking was a nightmare for a start off, and then I agree the obstacles felt small, thrown together and repetitive.  I was very disappointed.  It was also poorly marshalled with areas where runners got lost and ended up cutting our big loops of the course.

    When you compare it to Tough Mudder which is a close one distance wise there’s no comparison, and something like the Nuts Challenge just makes it laughable.  The Spartan Beast organised by the Nuts people would be a thing of beauty, hahaha.



    I did the Sprint (Yorkshire) and Super (Midlands) last year but doing those plus the Beast in East Sussex in November to complete the ‘Trifecta’.

    Bit disappointed to hear the poor feedback about the beast, hopefully they might have adjusted the course based on the comments. As the Yanks hate negative feedback! The Sprint was good considering it was only 5KM, plenty of climbing and lifting. The Super was similar but they had both the Spring and the Super running on the same day but the supers did 2 laps of the course plus some extras (2 Bags of sand instead of 1 for the Sprinters). Both were well marshalled and parking wasn’t a problem.

    I think for the price of the Beast, my expectations will be high.

    Here’s to hoping they pull out all the stops. AROO!!



    I have heard a few disappointing reviews of last years Beast.  It should be quite different this year though as I think last year was still a bit of a tester for the UK branch of the Spartans.

    The new location for the Beast (and the London Sprint) is Pippingford Park which is a great place for events.  I did the Zombie Evacuation there last November and had a Spartan Race Training event there on Sunday and there are loads of natural obstacles to use.  Must admit that I am not sure about the parking as it is on grass so can easily get muddy but it is at the top of a hill so hopefully should be ok.

    The Super this year is on a different day to the Sprint so there won’t be the Sprinters getting in the Supers way.

    As far as I am aware (and I may be corrected on this) the UK events are being included in the overall points table whereas they haven’t in previous years which means that they will need to be on a par in terms of difficulty to their American counterparts.

    Certainly talking to Dean Newman (the UK Race Director) at the weekend he is very driven to creating some excellent events this year.



    I enjoyed the sprints in London and Cambridge; they were fun more than anything, as the distances aren’t much to worry about.

    I too was left a little underwhelmed by the Beast, though. I trained really hard for it, expecting it to be brutal and then breeezed round quite easily. I left thinking my training had obviously been brilliant and I was now a true Spartan (joke) but then saw other similar views.

    I gave them some constructive feedback, which I feel was well received; I don’t like moaning. I have my season pass for this year, I’m going for the trifecta and I’m really looking forward the events this year.



    Have the season pass, also, for the Spartans this year. Looking at the information that Dean and gang have been putting out on the usual social sites, they’ve put a lot of work into improving the courses across the board this year.  Wasn’t there an issue last year with the Midlands race and it got moved? Hence why the Super and Sprint were on the same day?  It did make it difficult getting around the course with the queues at the obstacles but as it was my very first event and I loved every minute of it.

    I’m very much looking forward to getting to as many as I can this year and doing my first Trifecta. Next stop though, is seeing if I have a clash free day to get to Spartan Training HQ for a bit of a jolly 😉 (when I say jolly, I mean having my arse handed to me on a plate) 😉



    It definitely looks like Spartan have got a point to prove this year. I really hope they can produce some banging events so that the poor feedback becomes a thing of the past. They’ve got their work cut out for them with so many other events out there to compete with now, but they should have enough backing to make it happen.

    Yeh, I’m thinking about doing a Spartan fitness camp at the the beginning of June – sounds like a fun day out!



    Well, as luck would have it a weekend has become free and it also coincides with the June Spartan Training date.  If anyone is going in June and doing the advanced session, I shall see you there for four hours of fun and mud!



    Awesome! I’ll be there, I booked up yesterday. Looking forward to it!


    I am also booked for the advanced session. It look a laugh and I could definately use improvement on some of the climbing and crawling techniques. See you there.

    Pete, If you should happen to have any vests in a medium with you I may be tempted…



    I always have a stash of vests in the boot. See you there 😉



    Excellent, see you there 🙂




    Doing 2 June advanced group too – can’t wait!



    Hey guys! I’m going to do a little write up on the training session this weekend. What did you guys think? Did you have fun? Did it help? Any room for improvement? Would you go again?


    I enjoyed it and thought the coach was very good.

    It did help identify some weaknesses that I can build on to improve in future.
    Some of the technique things were interesting too – particularly the crawling up/down hills may be handy in future.

    The main things that I would add are some more specific obstacle related stuff; i.e. techniques and practice for wall and rope climbing.

    I am definately going to see if I am available for another one in a month or so once I have had a bit of time to practice/improve on a few things.

    And it was good to meet a few like minded people – See you all in the mud soon.

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