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    Steven Thorpe

    Hi folks

    I donated to someones charity page and they provided me with a code for the Spartan Manchester sprint which all appeared to work correctly.

    On Trumin I can see that I am ‘registered’ and ‘self-paid’ and my waiver is signed but I haven’t had an email telling me what to take to the event and it’s in 2 weeks.

    Are they normally this lacking in information or am i just missing something really obvious?

    Thanks in advance


    Keith McAndrew

    Hi Steve
    Just print off your waiver take that and ID to registration thats all you need.


    Andrew Appleton

    Exactly as Keith advises. Within Trumin your events, click on “Event Pass”, print waiver and take with you with photo ID – Have fun at the sprint


    Steven Thorpe

    Perfect! Cheers guys!

    Nice and simple, I thought that would be the case but most other events either A) Send you something in the post B) Send you an informative email.

    Should be fun, anyone else there?


    Max Naughton

    I’ll be there doing the double. You running in the elite wave??


    Steven Thorpe

    No Max

    10:00am wave as it was part of the borrow a code of someone and the elite wave was full, i would of happily paid extra for the elite but nevermind.

    Just gotta run hard at the start to try and minimize the bottlenecks.

    Got some other stuff to do on the Sat so will be back in Sheffield before 1pm

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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