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    Declan Traynor

    Hi all, just wondering what shoe is best for survival of the fittest London, I can only presume that a lot of it is on Tarmac, not exactly suited to speedcross 3


    Jamie Napper

    Had the same thought Declan – have got a new pair of the Asics Runnegades I was thinking of breaking in but I might go with a more balanced road shoe. Looks like grip in the wet on tarmac is needed and some of the soles on the mud lover shoes are shocking on that sort of stuff!


    Alan Viveash

    I ran last year in Inov-8 f-lites (road shoes). It was pretty much fine aside from one section by a river/cesspool/sewer where it had got a bit churned up by the earlier waves. Just did hands + feet and got away with it.

    Good luck and don’t drink the water.


    Declan Traynor

    Thanks very much for the help for the info… I left it late to book because I didn’t know if I’d be free that weekend, if anyone or anyone that knows someone who can’t make their 9.00am wave that I could purchase please let me know, thanks



    Definitely road shoes for SOTF – around 90% of it is on tarmac. You do go through the storm drain for quite a while though so don’t wear anything too good / pricey


    Scott Gillespie

    I ran Wembley last year in Asics Trail Tambora shoes, these were ideal as most was Tarmac and grass so no need for knobbly grippy mud pluggers!!!
    SOTF is always a well organised event, sadly due to injury I am unable to run tomorrow. Have a good time out there and note the weather is becoming chilly yippee…


    Declan Traynor

    Thanks for all the help, I ran wearing a pair of Salomon x-scream, like a good solid road shoe so work very well

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