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    Steven Thorpe


    Following on from the rather large TG 2015 race I thought it would be good to talk about the race that is only 6 weeks away!

    I wanted to get an idea of what everyone else is wearing as I am starting to panic a little bit now.

    Currently planning on:

    Neoprene Beanie
    Inov8 Merino Wool baselayer
    1.5mm neoprene vest
    Neoprene gloves
    Mudstacle Vest

    Nike compression shorts
    Race shorts
    Either neoprene socks or some merino wool (Depends how I find running in the neoprene socks)
    Speedcross 3s

    Looking forward to it.



    With the state of the weather at the moment you might be alright with a pair of football boots and a mankini…


    Alan Viveash

    Assuming it gets cold…

    Neoprene beanie (to put on during the killing fields)
    Long sleeve Virus OR UA ColdGear compression top
    Long sleeve neoprene top (Nookie Ti)
    Tech T-shirt
    Neoprene gloves (TWF)
    Neoprene socks (Two Bare Feet)
    UA Compression shorts
    Running shorts

    Pondering getting some Virus compression leggings, but I’m used to my legs going a funky shade of red during winter events.


    Steven Thorpe

    Alan you have put my mind at ease as there isn’t a huge amount of different between us other than you have gone long sleeve neoprene and i have gone merino wool.

    Also you do appear to be slimmer than me so i certainly have a bit more natural insulation.


    Alan Viveash

    It’ll be fine, just get used to the cold water before the event, I’m sure a good percentage of this is your mental response to it.

    To be honest, I’m more worried about the long ass drive there and back rather than the cold… It’s a relatively short race compared to 4 laps of nuts, so it will be easier to keep moving at a speed (or doing static exercise in a queue). Going to push hard at the start to get past the masses as best as I can. Fun times 🙂


    Steven Thorpe

    Alan its one of the big events that isn’t close to London so being from Sheffield its quite a ‘short’ drive for me to Wolverhampton!

    I agree with the push hard early and hopefully beat the queues!

    Looking forward to it


    Lee Kingston

    Hi guys.

    Would I be right in thinking this is your first TG? It’s my first and it will be my first race after shoulder surgery in December. That along with the cold is making me get more nervous.
    At the moment my plan is as follows:
    Inov8 merino wool long sleeve top
    Subsports coldgear compression on top of that.
    Team race T or vest.

    Subsports coldgear tights with WFG race shorts over the top.
    Inov8 Merino wool or Tough darn socks
    O’Neil Psycho gloves 1.5 neoprene
    Speedcross 3’s

    Was thinking of buying neoprene beanie although where to store it is another thing. Also was contemplating getting neoprene socks but a little worried how they would feel running in. Do either of you or anyone reading this have any thoughts of this? If I have to wear running socks underneath these I’m thinking I’ll need to buy a thinner pair than I currently have.



    Max Naughton

    Looks like the weathers taking a sharp drop these next couple of weeks so we might be in for a ‘treat’ for TG.

    My first ‘proper’ TG as well if we exclude Nettle Warrior.

    Very similar kit to all of you. Compression on legs, inov8 merino upper body, neoprene vest, gloves and hat (if need be) abd my trusty MudClaws


    Steven Thorpe


    It certainly is my first tough guy and getting really nervous now the weather is dropping!

    Beanie hat is going down the side of my shorts I think as from hearing peoples experiences of the lollipops it seems nearly vital!

    I am still undecided on long compression leggings or shorts currently.

    Socks – I am in a similar situation as I have some neoprene ones but not yet ran in them (Sunday is run in race gear day as a test) but yesterday I sat in the a cold bath with one neoprene sock and one bare foot….the difference was unbelievable! I will do everything I can to make sure I wear those neoprene socks as I feel it will be a huge benefit.


    Alan Viveash

    Neo socks are fine to run in. I’ve done 4 laps of winter nuts with Neo socks and it was the first time I still have feeling in my toes. They feel weird initially, but when the water in them warms to the temperature of your feet, it’s all good.

    First TG here too! Gotta tick it off the list 🙂

    Beanie will be on my head or stuffed in the compression shorts. Depends how cold it is.


    Alan Viveash

    Weather suggests it’s going to be a nice day for a run… I imagine the wind will still go right though you so I’ll still be in the neoprene. I’ll be happy to say “I got too hot at Winter Tough guy” after the event.


    Steven Thorpe

    Alan I have seen that as well…also have seen the ice they pulled out the lake last week so will certainly be in full kit and as you said rather be safe than sorry kit wise!


    Ami Sawran

    Still going for neoprene even if the weather is balmy – There’s gonna be a lot of people out on the field, and I’m not exactly competitively fit, so I’ll be sailing around in the middle of the road, queuing, etc.

    Looks like:

    Neoprene beanie (kept safe until the end)
    Neoprene gloves
    Couple of wrags
    Neoprene shorty
    Subsports cold gear top and bottom (or nike hyperwarm top, whatever)
    Possible merino layer too
    Tech tee
    Probably going to go with my fellraisers as they accommodate neoprene socks nicely


    Stuart Mills

    Really struggling to decide what to wear…..

    Morino Wool base layer
    neoprene rash vest (maybe)
    Max’s Mudders race top Tech Tea
    Mudtsacle Wrag
    IceBug Acceleratis
    Neonprene socks
    running tights
    Wind Surfing gloves


    Alan Viveash

    Sounds like you’ll be fine. I’d definitely go with the neoprene to stop the wind cutting through you on the high obstacles.

    Weather looks like a bit of drizzle and a breeze, so I think we’re pretty lucky this year (or unlucky, depending on your mental state).

    See you on the hill 🙂 (Newbie squad)

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