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Tough Guy 2016

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    Alan Viveash

    It’s official. I overheated at winter Tough Guy 2016.



    Me too! Big Time!


    Steven Thorpe

    Wow….those hills made me feel like a was in the middle of a furnace!

    Every step up those hills I could feel sweat forming!

    Also I never got zapped once which is always nice and even though the water wasn’t as cold as in previous years those head dunks are still pretty mean, obstacles in the killing fields were great fun though


    Steve Platt

    Same here. I melted when the sun came out. Stopped once to retie my laces and the sweat was running off my nose, not dripping, actually running like a stream *blurgh*
    Have to admit that i walked up most of the big hill slaloms. Manage to run up to the bracken line every time, but queues and gradient meant a full run up was out of the question.
    I was really glad of all the layers come the water though. Submersion was fine for the first log before the lollipops and i wondered what all the fuss was about, but after the last lollipop dunk it was straight to the bank with my head in my hands rocking like a baby. Everyone who advised a neoprene beanie was bang on. Wish I’d listened to them.
    Overall it was a great event. The country miles were a little samey but the killing fields more than made up for it with the relentless huge obstacles…and those drummers… awesome!
    Oh yeah, I avoided getting shocked too. Bonus 🙂

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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