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    Kicking things off with Ian’s Blog Roll Roulette entry:

    Tough Mudder – The Marmite of OCR

    Some love it, some hate it, some say it’s not even a race but a challenge (although World’s Toughest Mudder is an OCRWC qualifier).

    Whatever it is, it is popular internationally, with a global turnover of $100 million in 2014, despite its shady past.

    In UK it is popular with first timers and develops an almost cult following with some, others it is their introduction to the world of OCR.

    With regular UK racers, the OCR family and Mudstacleites, most have run a Tough Mudder but their heart often belongs to home-grown races, some with permanent sites like Nuclear Races, The Nuts Challenge and Tough Guy, or mobile races like Judgement Day, The Suffering and Dirty Dozen.

    Are they fun? – Yes.

    Are they great for bringing new people into the sport? – Yes.

    Is it an annual must do race? – Not for me.

    What do you think?



    Not in my top ten, but I enjoy marshalling there. They treat their crew really well.


    Max Naughton

    Again my 1st OCR and have done 7 now I think. Got 2 this year just from the bird prices you get offered after an event (still approx. £60 a year in advance). Once I’ve got my black/gold 10x band I think I might retire from them.

    I agree with what everyone says about it being a money making enterprise but there still a decent event over a half marathon and always chuck some new ‘big’ obstacles in.


    Lee Mortimer

    Tough Mudder was my first OCR as well, so I did have a soft spot for them, however, the price increase and the distance from my home is just too much for me to take now, my last one will be in April and it will be my 10th, to make matters worse, I just got an email saying I need to shell out another £15 for parking!

    I really enjoy the events, it’s just costing too much, I have better events closer to me in Essex and I feel it’s lost it’s edge for me.

    Tough Mudder did introduce me to the whole OCR world, and I thank it for that, but I feel like the events at Nuclear, Mucky Races, Rat Race are a step above TM, doing my first Dirty Dozen this year, so it has been a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

    That is what it does best, it gives people a feel for what OCR is like.

    Put it this way, I did Tough Mudder last year in 2 hours 40 minutes, 13 miles or so, then did Nuclear Blackout, two laps of the 5K course took me 2 hours 20 minutes, and I had a lot more fun at Blackout!!!


    Andy W

    Never done one – never will.

    I was introduced through events like WWR, Nuts, Monster etc. Having done those then been to TM and spectated and Volunteered I can honestly say I was disappointed.

    They had nothing which made me say “Wow – I must do one”.

    I’ll leave them for other people!


    Alan Viveash

    Done a couple and it’s a very “meh” event for the ridiculous amount of money you have to shell out (ticket, parking, bag drop!). Obstacles were pretty basic apart from the “big few” and lots of re-uses of “mud mile” (read: 50 metres) type obstacles.

    Yes, king of the swingers was a great rush, but everything else was a bit naff. Lots of gimmicky obstacles too – cry baby was a silly idea that should never have left a brainstorming session.

    With it being good to get people hooked, the newbies I’ve got into OCR have done Nuclear Rush, JD goes Nuts and this year I’ve got a first timer joining me at Toughest. Proper events!


    Dave Earle

    A great intro for most, TM has done for OCR what Hulk Hogan done for Wrestling, say your into OCR and 90% of people will say oh what like Tough Mudder?

    you can n’t knock it for raising the profile of OCR, and it was the 1st event I looked at,however the cost stopped me from going any further.

    We are blessed with many challenging fun and great value events in the Uk , i doubt i will ever don the orange head band of TM !!

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