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    luke white white

    Hello all, me and my friend are attending the tough mudder london south september 23rd. this will be are first run like this. Just wondering about start times… im pretty sure i booked an early time 7am rings a bell when booking my ticket, this seems really early though i might be completly wrong i just wondered how i can find this out anywhere what time ive got? i know they send a time out a week before but was wondering if there was a way i coukd find out what time i booked myself when i booked tickets?. Also anyone with any info on the course etc we both only manage a run of about 3 miles or so before getting out of breath!


    Lee Mortimer

    Hi Luke,

    Start times for Tough Mudder are pretty relaxed, or they used to be, as I have gone in different time waves to run with mates, or, later ones if I arrive late.

    Saying that, 07:00 sounds very early, think the normal start time is about 08:30, but not 100% sure.

    With the running, yep, you are on track for the fitness level, I’d make it up to 4 miles running without stopping, just remember the route is broken up with obstacles, so you will run a couple of miles max between obstacles.

    Other top tips, take a bin bag or two, to put your wet muddy kit in afterwards, always helps! Drink loads of water before and have a good breakfast, something like porridge, which will slowly release some energy while out on course, and look for the nutters in the yellow Mudstacle t-shirts, they will always help you out.

    Have fun, my first obstacle run was Tough Mudder and I haven’t looked back since, let us know how you get on afterward, I love hearing what other people think about their first time!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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