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Tough Mudder parking

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    Adam Luck

    Anyone else got the email today saying it is £15 to park at TM London West and you have to pay in advance?!?!?!?

    After teeshirt gate and this it makes it an easy decision about whether to do them again next year. Jog on.



    if thats the case thats disgusting, Tough mudder really need to sort that out and make a statement on it. Either they are making a shit load of money out of you and ripping off their customers or they are being had over by the land owners or something like that. Why does it cost so much?
    also dont pay for premium parking, last event at london south my car was a 1 min walk past premium and if you can get round TM a short walk isnt going to kill you. just another marketing rip off.
    No comment = they are ripping you off.


    Allan Pilbro


    How are you?

    I got that email and it is awful about the parking but at south west parking is only £10 i think they make it up as they go along.

    Are you running West this year?

    Be nice to run one with you instead of me walking if you don’t mind?


    Adam Luck

    They now offer three versions of parking…..

    Standard – £15
    Preferred – £20 (behind premium)
    Premium – £30….you can do a whole new OCR for that!!!!!!


    Adam Luck

    Allan, not sure what my plan is yet. Although it is a little cutting nose off to spite face I am tempted not to do it at all. They’ve had enough money from me. Will let you know.



    It’s sadly not that much more than last year. TM is a very slick operation but they do hoover cash out of you like it’s going out of fashion.


    Allan Pilbro


    No worries let me know i owe you for last year anyway but defiantly let me know and i am working for Help for heroes at the event so free bag drop for anyone who wants to save some money.

    Keep me posted adam, hope your well.


    I cant say im happy about this …im lost for words


    Liam Hayman

    Tough Mudder was my first OCR, and this annoys me. It is like waiting for consummation and then finding out that your partner is actually a complete ****.

    I hope no other great race goes downhill like they are.


    Adam Luck

    Finest comment ever, Liam. Cheered me up away from my anger!


    jason pittaway

    tm are taking the p$%* they just keep finding ways of making more money no tees £5 extra parking this year i hated paying a tenner !! when a lot of ocrs are inc everthing in the price this is my last one this year for sure there are a lot better ocrs out there that cost alot less like jd dd and nc !!


    Fuming here. This will be my first and last TM for sure.



    Vote with your wallets . If people keep paying it they will keep doing it. Just don’t do their events. Not much help for people who have entered.
    Pretty low by TM.


    Dave Walton

    Just reaffirms why I am never doing one. Can live without it.


    Ashley Barron

    No email but I’m doing the Yorkshire one in August I wasnt too happy with £10 but thought I’d be able to say I’ve done a TM. Think it will be my first and last

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)

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