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Tough Mudder parking

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    Steven Thorpe

    I did it twice but never again….for tough muddier plus parking it’s nearly the same cost as the suffering triple and an overnight hotel with breakfast…..I know what I would rather do!


    conrad howell

    we are signed up for the Kettering tough mudder this year…. no emails about parking yet…..this is the first tough mudder i have done and its just an event i wanted to do, i always said to the guys i run with, its not the sort of event i would do again due to the pricing… I mean any event that charges for spectators is not on and to include parking as well that makes a fun day out running an event with the family watching a big expense……


    Andrew Appleton

    TM are pricing themselves out of the OCR community – Event fee (range £40-£120), £5-£10 per spectator, £5 bag drop (was £3 last year probably £5 now), £15 parking – I’m not entering again unless a major overhaul in their after already signed up “hidden” extras”, plus twice i’ve got bacteria sickness from TM events.
    Yes the event is fun, especially if you go round with equally matched pace and strength wise friends, but its not the most testing physical wise obstacles and not a race. It will still appeal to groups or individuals wanting a one time experience and to have the headband.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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