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    Alan Viveash

    Looking forward to this one – going to be dragging 2 friends from work around the course with me (they’re slightly terrified). Hoping the “super-slide” is as large and ridiculous as some of their other events.

    Who’s there? what is everyone looking forward to? Anyone going to try the fast lanes? I’m going to be happy to complete the “slow lane” options. There’s a slim chance I could do a long set of hang tough rings, depends on how long they actually are.


    Gary Mckeaveney

    I’ll be there 🙂
    Not so sure about the super slide though always had a bit of an issue with heights. I’m really looking forward to having a go at the Ninja style traverse rings and stuff like the salmon ladder that we don’t really see in the UK. Out there to enjoy this one so will have a go at the obstacle that looks most fun when it comes to the fast lanes I reckon and take the penalty runs if I have to.
    How’d you get on at Dirty Dozen? Enjoy it?


    Alan Viveash

    Traverse rings will be a challenge, not really had a proper go at those. I’ll be opting for the rope climb over the salmon ladder – I’m pretty bad at pull ups, no way I can do one explosively enough to throw the bar up too.

    I’ve had a look at the hang tough vs the “double distance”. I think double distance means same overall length, but 50% less rings so you have to swing more.

    DD was awesome, managed the rings. Froze my ass off in that lake. Bit too much bland field running for my tastes, but I think that was just due to mega obstacle clump in the middle. I’d rather have it spread out a bit more.

    See you there. I’ll be the guy with the 2 worried looking co-workers in tow.



    I tried a salmon ladder for the first time at the obstacle gym last month… Damn they are deceptively hard. I thought I might be able to do a rung or two because I can do a few pullups but hell no!


    Alan Viveash

    Just watched the How To Salmon Ladder video.

    Heh, nope. Not a bloody chance! Fair play to anyone who nails it.


    Gary Mckeaveney

    Nice, toughest might be more your cup of tea then Alan. I love DD races as although the obstacles arent quite as regular as some other races they are all genuinely top quality obstacles and I like a bit of a muddy trail run too so they are perfect for me.

    Just had a squizz at the salmon ladder how to video as well Yeesh! Looks like I’ll be attempting and failing then lol! I think I’m still gonna have a go though, done plenty of rope climbs in the past so even if I fail on the first rung at least I can say I’ve tried it.

    Good on you for nailing the rings, that obstacle is my nemesis at the minute as I have one gammy shoulder which means I can’t really hold all my weight on that arm at the minute. Hoping to have that sorted by the end of the season though. With that in mind I’m unlikely to make it across either set of rings but I’ll give it a shot.

    I’m sure your friends will be fine, really looking forward to it


    Alan Viveash

    Don’t get me wrong, I love DD races, I think this one suffered a little due to the 5 obstacle binge (bars, rings, slackline etc). Doug builds ’em solid so you never feel unsafe even with the high walls/frames. I’ve had a fair bit of practice on rings, but that was the first time I’ve got past a proper length of them (the nuts challenge 4 ring one doesn’t count!)

    Toughest looks like it’s my kinda fun for a short course though and Pip Park is always a pleasure to run around.


    Adam Pollock

    Can’t wait for this! Reckon I’ll give most of the fast lane options a shot. Not that I expect to be able to do them all, rather it’s a good opportunity to have fun and try out some crazy obstacles you don’t often see. Having said that, will probably do the easier versions of the hanging peg board and salmon ladder, as would have no chance with them.


    Steve Ballantine

    Really enjoyed this. Awesome obstacles (shame the big slide was closed, I guess someone got hurt?), good organisation and unfailingly happy, helpful marshals. Not sure if it quite replaces Nuclear as my favourite but that’s a permanent course so a bit apples/oranges..

    Intended to take it easy and try all the fast lane options for fun but that soon went out the window and in the end I only tried the first fast lane (which I failed.. That penalty run up the hill kind of put me off trying again :)). Completed every other obstacle though and that’s always good. (Kind of gutted that I didn’t try the salmon ladder but I was blowing pretty hard when I got to it and just didn’t think it was going to work out well.)

    The dragon’s back is actually pretty intimidating in real life! I can really see someone getting hurt on that if they don’t have the upper body strength to catch themselves when their feet slip. On the other hand, if you feel like you can’t do it, you can just do a penalty loop so I guess that’s fine.

    Was especially happy when I did the quarter pipe at the end on the first try. Announcer was just saying, ‘it looks like he hasn’t got enough speed’. And then I nailed the jump and grab. 😀

    Would certainly be up for another Toughest in the future and get to try some more of those fast lanes.



    Been there, done that, didn’t get a tshirt …

    Positives: saw lots of familiar faces and chatted with lots of OCRers. Great to see the turn out from the regular UK teams and so many Scandinavians supporting their race. Wish I had known how to say hello in their languages; I said “tak” a few times before discovering it meant “ceiling”. Oh well. I liked the penalties; it felt like I’d at least done something if an obstacle looked too daunting. Some lovely marshals, especially the Muddy Queens. PipPark is always a super venue.

    Howevers: Don’t think I’ll be back, though partly because my expectation levels were too high. Shame about a few obstacles being closed, but there will be a good reason (race directors move in mysterious ways). It reminded me of TM because of the showcase obstacles mingled in with instantly forgettable (and repetitive) ones. I’m more of a clambering/climbing kind of OCRer, so lots of dangly/swingy obstacles weren’t really my thing.

    Just mes?: The marshal at 5km (tyre carry up a hill, after a wooded run) was a bit confrontational? The layout of the course meant that there wasn’t space for much of a run-up to the final obstacle? Have I been spoilt with covered changing areas (could get a tan yesterday, but a deluge wouldn’t have been great)?


    Alan Viveash

    Definitely only one to tackle if you’re keen enough to blast out some monkey bars with relative ease. So many hanging obstacles! Not great for those who aren’t upper body types as then they just spend the course doing a few walls (which were pretty low!) and some runs/carries.

    The closed obstacles were a kick in the teeth, especially as it was so hyped up. Plus I don’t think they were ready for how muddy Pip is – the dragons back was a face smasher if your feet let go.

    Make the elites go last when the course has been “used” see how they cope then!

    I’ll be interested to see how they react to the event and if they’re keen to learn from the mistakes.


    Adam Pollock

    Seems to have been quite a polarising event. It was certainly not without it’s flaws, but overall I loved it. Awesome atmosphere, and challenging but achievable obstacles which were great fun to do.

    Was possibly not an event for OCR newbies, due to many of the obstacles requiring a decent level of grip, upper body strength and technique. Which probably contributed to the high injury rate, as I certainly saw a lot of inexperienced OCR runners, or at least a lot of people sliding all over the place wearing inappropriate footwear.

    A personal gripe was that I wish I was in an earlier more competitive wave (my own fault really for not signing up earlier). Being in a later wave meant that I couldn’t really race due to the queues at some of the obstacles. It didn’t detract too much from the day though, and still enjoyed conquering the obstacles.

    I hope Toughest weren’t put off too much by some of the issues and complaints, and they choose to come back to the UK. I would certainly be keen to do another one.

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