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Toughest Mudder UK 2017

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    Lee Mortimer

    Hi All,

    Anyone looking to do Toughest Mudder next year, just wondering what sort of kit I would need, as I’ve never done this type of event before.

    Got some swimming trucks and football boots, not much else is needed is there?



    You won’t be allowed football boots as the studs may injure other people.
    Get some trail running shoes or equivalent.


    Lee Mortimer

    Sorry dude I was joking, never ever would use football boots, as it’s a bit of a crap game!!! I was just wondering what sort of kit is needed for an 8 hour event which is over night.

    I’ve done quite a few events now, but never an 8 hour one, do I take extra clothes, tent, sleeping bag so I can get my head down if needed, do I need a little camping stove to cook some food?

    Also, don’t really want to be buying loads of new kit as funds are tight anyway.


    Steve Turner

    Hi Lee
    After completing this years Midlands event I would recommend a decent pair of trail running shoes and gloves.
    Everything else should be tight fitting, avoid anything made from cotton.
    In terms of gear, I personally did not camp but there were people camping and there did appear to be plenty of facilities for everyone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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