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Washing post-OCR kit – ideas?

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    I know that Lycra has issues with detergent, so what’s best to use in the washing machine on Skins etc? I tend to wash at warm, not hot, so am I letting bacteria have a free pass (does that even make sense)? Is rinsing at the bottom of the shower before washing kit sensible? Am I missing some inside knowledge or gizmos?*

    *written by somebody waiting for the next Six Nations match to start.


    Alan Viveash

    My routine post event:

    Throw kit into back garden. Hose all kit down to get rid of debris/grit/washing machine killing stuff. Throw into washing machine on a “sports” cycle @ 30 degrees with a small amount of detergent. Shoes are usually just hosed off and left to dry.

    I think the wear and tear from an OCR will kill a piece of kit long before the washing powder.



    Yeah I also give everything a good hose down in the garden before it goes anywhere near the washing machine. It saves the machine getting clogged up.

    In the Winter when it’s freezing cold outside I put on neoprene gloves and wellies to do the hosing down – before I figured out this trick I would get so cold doing it!!


    Alan Viveash

    @phil – just consider it training for the next one!


    Andy W

    There’s some special sports kit detergent which I’ve managed to get from Sainsbury’s in the past which is also anti bacterial.

    I’m a big fan – link as below:


    Dave Walton

    All my kit gets pre-washed in buckets in the back garden until it’s clean enough to not knacker the washing machine. Then it goes in the machine at whatever temp the label says. Personally I have never thought about the bacteria thing. I figure that I inevitably swallow some mucky water and get mud in or near my mouth at most races so bacteria in my clothing is perhaps the least of my worries.


    Lee Elliott

    I stop at a local jet wash. clean the car as covered in mud as well then when on rinse mode throw in the clothes for added bonus. This will leave your trainer clean and you can use the nozzle to get into the hard to reach places (toes) no loss stones next time you but them on. I then use the washing machine, or should i say my OCR widow get them.


    Steve Platt

    Same routine as you @phil, and I hear you about the perils of blowback on cold windy days. @feral is right though, great acclimatisation for winter races!
    Almost as good as when my SO hoses me down when I get home. Had to ban it Dec-Jan though on “medical” grounds…just too f**kin’ cold! 🙂



    Thanks, guys. Just thought I’d put it out there and see what other folks are doing. No garden for me, so the bottom of the shower has to do. I’ll have a look out for the detergent in S’bury’s, Andy 😀

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