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    jack neeson


    I’ve just done my first XC race, and it left me wondering if my tyres were good for the job. On the looser, drier ground cover on the forest sections the front wheel kept trying to wash out. That might have been to do with my lack of technical ability (experience) or the tyres. I used Panracer Fire XC 2.1’s at around 35psi. I guess these are more of a wet recreational tyre than a dry racing tyre? Which begs the question, if you could have 2 sets of XC race tyres, simply a set for wet and a set for dry, what would you go for? I’ve got a set of new 1.95 kevlar WTB ExiWolf tyres – would these fit the bill for dry? How much difference to spend does a narrower tyre make?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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