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    Lee Elliott

    Are the shorts any good and can I get them in the uk as the only uk web site ive seen has only small or xxl size’s



    I personally don’t rate their longevity. I’ve had two pairs and both have ripped within 2 wears at OCRs. Pretty thin material

    The bib number holder thing is handy so I sometimes still wear them over the top of leggings or compression shorts but they’re definitely no good by themselves

    Try Brocket Gear – I think they stock them


    Lee Elliott

    Thanks for the info, I think I might try a pair to see how they last, don’t like being stabbed by “safety pins”. Brocket Gear do stock them but don’t have my size Thanks again


    Miranda Angelides

    Ever think of sewing a mesh pocket onto your running shorts or t-shirt? Not tried it myself, but I agree, pins are a nightmare and I have lost my race number at almost every single OCR to date!



    Like Phil said they don’t wear well, I ripped mine on their very first outing.

    Also the mesh pocket is a nice idea, but I find after a little bit of abuse the race numbers start to fold up so they’re pretty much useless too…

    Better off buying some half decent shorts from sports direct.


    Alan Viveash

    Another x-race shorts destroyer here…

    What’s the solution then? Has anyone used those clips that don’t use pins (I’ve seen them but can’t remember the name).

    I hate safety pins – been stabbed too many times!

    More events need to use the sticky back stuff – Nuts/DD/Nuke all have used sticky numbers and those have been awesome.


    Alan Viveash

    Found ’em

    Runclips & EventClip

    Anyone used either? The Runclips look massive.


    I have these shorts. They lasted me 6 races before they got a little hole in them. I now wear undershorts with them.

    On Saturday at Ram Run the fluffy side of the Velcro started to come away from the shorts. I’m just going to glue it back on for a quick fix.

    For sizing. Brocket are waiting for their delivery from the states to arrive. They told me as soon as it arrives they will update the site.

    The event clips I got where from eBay and are mega!
    I usually do events with my friend and she’s not lost any numbers or clips whilst using them. She’s done 12 events this year or so. They are pretty tiny but strong.
    The massive run clips don’t hold onto your shirt as well.


    Owen John

    I’ve used runclips for OCR’s and they’re fairly big.

    I think they will be ok if you’ve got a good technique and strength, however as I don’t I found I managed to pull most of mine off hauling myself up, along and over obstacles

    They work really well for ‘normal’ running events though!


    Lee Elliott

    Sewing a Mesh pocket is a good idea, but only in the right hands. If I try and do something like that I would sew one leg to the other and stab myself a few hundred times in the process LOL



    I used event clips for the first time on Saturday at Reaper night run. The bib came with pre-cut holes, so I thought I’d give them a go. Two walls in and the bib had ripped out of one, another couple of obstacles and the top two holes of the bib had ripped through, but the clips themselves stayed in throughout the race.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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