Mudstacle Insurance

As a Mudstacle Member and UK resident you will be covered by the current group insurance policy set up specifically for Mudstacle Members. View the policy summary here.

For a true understanding of the policy please make sure you refer to the policy summary but, in simple terms, the current policy will cover members if they are accidentally injured when participating in mud, trail or off road running and obstacle course racing. That includes the events themselves, as well as organised training sessions. The level of coverage is as follows:

Death £10,000

Permanent total disablement £10,000

Loss of sight £10,000

Loss of limb £10,000

Loss of speech £10,000

Loss of Hearing in both ears £10,000

Coverage for various losses of fingers, toes, wrists, etc. (see policy)

Temporary total disablement - £100 per week for 12 months

Temporary partial disablement - £50 per week for 12 months

We know it's not the most cheery subject but there are plenty more benefits. Just make sure you check out the policy summary for full ins and outs.

Please note: Over the term of your membership period Mudstacle's group policy may be subject to alterations, as we will always aim to keep the policy relevant and beneficial to our members. We will endeavour to keep you up to date and will always have the most up to date policy details on this page.

Get insured by becoming a Mudstacle member here.

(Full policy certificate and wording is available on request) 


Claims procedure

To make a claim on the group insurance policy for Mudstacle Members, you must first get in contact with with brief details of your accident - including the nature of your injury, as well as where and when the accident took place. You will then be asked to complete a claim form before dealing directly with the insurers.

If you have any doubt as to whether you are covered by Mudstacle Membership's group insurance, please refer to the policy summary.