UK OCR League

Mudstacle UK OCR LeagueThe official Mudstacle UK OCR League. It allows every obstacle racer in the UK to score points at their local high-quality events and compete nationally with everyone, from the UK's best athletes through to fun-focussed back-markers.

Find out all about how you can score points in Mudstacle's UK OCR League on our new website:


Register to take part in the league

There are two ways to register for the UK OCR League:

Either become a Mudstacle Member: For £33 per year you'll get OCR specific insurance, league entry, loads of discounts, a t-shirt and wrag. Find out all about that here.

Or become a League only Member: You can also get a league only membership for £15 on


How to score points at league events

Once you are a Mudstacle or league member, check out the upcoming points scoring events. If you attend one of those, you'll score points based on your percentage finish, which will be added to this season's table.