Mudstacle Membership

Whether you’re a first time obstacle course racer or seasoned vet, Mudstacle membership is a must! Sign up today and get all of this:

Annual Insurance:

You’ll get personal accident insurance, specifically set up to cover the risks of taking part and training for obstacle course races and mud runs. Check out the details of the policy here.

UK OCR League entry:

Mudstacle t-shirtsThe Mudstacle UK OCR League has two seasons per year and includes the best races in the UK, such as Nuclear Races, Nuts Challenge, Spartan Race etc. Each season you will be able to rack up points at the events you attend and compare yourself /compete with the rest of the obstacle course race and mud run community. Find out more about the league here.

FREE Mudstacle t-shirt and scarf:

Our t-shirt is the iconic Mudstacle smiley face printed on a sun yellow moisture wicking sports top, with a handprint on the back. The scarf is perfect for covering your face when your cold or tying around your head when you're sweaty!


Get exclusive discounted entry for your favourite obstacle course races, mud runs, training camps and shops, including Spartan, Rat Race, Nuts and loads more. Check out the current list here (there are plenty more to come!)

event strip

All of that for only £33. Get started here:

Simply go through and make payment via the PayPal button below and you'll be given instructions for registering your details.