Wednesday, 28 July, 2021
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Dan Eyre Profile

Dan Eyre is an obstacle racing athlete from the UK and a member of the Mudstacle Machines Team.

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Bootneck Challenge: 1st
Men's Health SOTF Nottingham:
Best League Finish: 13th

Other Results:
Athletics 200m: 23.2s
Athletics 400m: 50.2s
Athletics: 800m: 1:59

About Dan:

Age: 31
Height: 186cm
Job: Royal Air Force - Commissioned Officer
Lives in: Stamford
Number of kids: 1 (Riley, aged 5) he describes all things yellow as Team Mudstacle Yellow!
Interesting fact: Held 7 different ranks in the RAF with 2 medals (that aren’t sport related).
Embarrassing fact: I suddenly become the tightest person in the world as soon as I see the words “cost of shipping”.
Favourite shoes: VJ Sport Irock 2
Favourite item of OCR gear: Machines 2XU Top
Favourite race: Spartan Race
Favourite pudding: Millionaires shortbread
Favourite cheese: Feta


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