Monday, 20 September, 2021
Photo by John Timmins

Dominique Searle Profile

Dominique Searle is an obstacle racing athlete from the UK and a member of the Mudstacle Machines Team.

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Best League Finish: 1st
Best UK Champs Finish: 10th (Elite)
Other Results:

Xtreme Challenge: 1st
Born Survivor Lake District: 1st
Born Survivor Capesthorne Hall: 1st
Overload OCR: 1st
Tough Tribe: 1st
The Suffering (10M): 2nd
Reaper: 1st
Rat Race Dirty Weekend: 3rd
Man vs Lakes: 3rd
Total Warrior Lakes: 2nd (1st vet)

Men's Health SOTF London: 1st
Men's Health SOTF Nottingham: 1st
Men's Health SOTF Manchester: 1st
Avalanche Chase the Yeti: 1st
The Suffering (10M): 1st
Adrenaline Rush: 1st
JCB Mudrun 3rd: 3rd
Suffering 10 miler: 1st
Mud7: 1st

Other best sporting achievement: 5th in age group at World Age Group Triathlon Championships in Beijing, China in 2011 - despite my chain coming off during bike section, and a small tantrum at side of road!!

About Dom:

Age: 40
Height: 5' 6"
Job: Police Officer for last 17 years... Currently a custody sergeant , as seen on a recent episode of 999 what's your emergency!
Lives in: Northwich, Cheshire
Number of kids: 2 boys - Jack and Harry
Interesting fact: Born in Spain, grew up in South America, robbed at gunpoint whilst living in Rio de Janeiro... Still kept hold of my new shoes though, they weren't going anywhere! Season ticket holder to Stoke City Football Club ... Someone's got to be!
Embarrassing fact: Ended up being stripped naked and redressed by stranger (medic) at UK Champs 2016 having becoming hypothermic, and somewhat dramatically and mortifyingly collapsing at end of race (not until I'd crossed that blooming finish line though!) and don't actually remember any of it! Just hoping there's no more video footage of it!
Favourite running shoe: Icebugs!
Favourite item of ocr gear: My Mudstacle Machines top! Has pockets to store sweets in! Managed a whole bag of jelly babies so far in one side!
Favourite race: Suffering Race... Such a physical and mentally draining race, but felt such an achievement when I finished it!
Favourite pudding: Apple crumble and vanilla custard.
Favourite cheese: Wensleydale and cranberry.


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