Monday, 20 September, 2021
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Natasha Mansell Profile

Natasha Mansell is an obstacle racing athlete from the UK and a member of the Mudstacle Machines Team.

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UK OCR League Summer 2017: 1st
Spartan Overall UK 2017: 1st

OCR 2017
Spartan Beast Windsor: 1st
Spartan Sprint Marston Lodge: 1st
Spartan Super Marston Lodge: 2nd
Spartan Sprint London: 2nd
3 x Tougher Mudder Competitive Waves: 1st
Suffering Legends: 1st
Battle of Lansdown: 1st

OCR 2016
Spartan Beat Windsor: 1st

London Marathon: Sub 3hrs
Yateley 10k: 1st
Hook 10 Miler: 1st
Salisbury Marathon: 1st
White Star Running Ox Ultra: 1st
Gut Buster: 1st
Swallowfield Duathlon: 1st

Other best sporting achievement: British University Sports Association equestrian national champion in my final year at university.

About Natasha:

Age: 34
Height: 5' 3"
Job: Procurement sourcing manager for the John Lewis Partnership (so my blood is a weird mix of yellow and green!!)
Lives in: Hook, Hampshire
Number of kids: My dog Gizmo the Mudstacle mutt. He is also my running partner for easy runs 🙂
Interesting fact: I have never been drunk!! Don't think my friends would let me drink even if I wanted to! Also until 2017 I was the girl who avoided the cross country season and dodged puddles when road running! The OCR community completely changed me!
Embarrassing fact: I have an addiction to mochas and peanut butter - it’s a serious problem!  My bone age is 5 years behind so I didn't have my growth spurt until I was 21 and had baby teeth until mid teens - I was mortified at the time.
Favourite running shoe: Irocks for racing, Inov8 race ultras for training
Favourite item of ocr gear: 2XU Mudstacle singlet
Favourite race: I have not done too many, as I am in my first year of racing, but Spartans have my heart!!
Favourite pudding: Anything chocolate! Brownie and ice cream, cheesecakes, millionaire shortbread, Ben and Jerry's, oh apple crumble and custard... d'ya know what... anything. Give me a jar of Pip and Nut maple peanut butter with a spoon and I'm happy.
Favourite cheese: Oh god don't make me choose!!! Okay... goat's cheese, feta, extra mature cheddar….


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