Wednesday, 28 July, 2021
Ross Brackley Mudstacle Machine

Ross Brackley Profile

Ross Brackley is an obstacle racing athlete from the UK and a member of the Mudstacle Machines Team.

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Best League Finish: 1st
Best UK Champs Finish: 2nd
Best Toughest Tour Finish: 3rd
Best World Champs Finish: 11th (PRO)
Other OCR Results:

2017 Toughest Tour
Toughest Gothenburg: 3rd
Toughest Amsterdam: 3rd
Toughest Malmo: 2nd
Toughest Copenhagen: 2nd

2017 UK Races
Winter Nuts Sprint: 1st
Battle of Lansdown: 1st
Forest Warrior: 1st

2016 UK Races
Judgement Day Bordon: 1st
Battle of Lansdown: 1st
Major Series Midlands: 1st
Dirty Dozen South: 1st
Nuclear Rush: 1st
Dirty Dozen Usk: 1st
Men's Health SOTF London: 1st
Men's Health SOTF Cardiff: 1st

About Ross:

Age: 29
Height: 180cm
Job: I don't really know anymore...something with Virtual Reality.
Lives in: Cheltenham
Number of kids: 0
Interesting fact: I'm not interesting.
Embarrassing fact: I have a secret crush on Pete from Mudstacle. Sadly he got married this year but he's happy, so I am.
Favourite shoes: VJ Sport Irock 2
Favourite race: OCR World Championships.
Favourite pudding: They're all good, right?
Favourite cheese: Cheddar (I said I wasn't interesting).


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