Friday, 17 September, 2021

Video is something that we are passionate about at Mudstacle and, to date, we've made over 400 of them! From our early "GoPro Highlights" to our more recent "Mudstacle TVs", we have developed a very broad skill set and are experts in action sports videography.

Separate from independent Mudstacle productions, we also make a variety of promotional videos for our clients. As well as being a darn sight cheaper than standard video production companies, we are more active than your average cameramen, so can produce the kind of footage that only sportsmen can.

High Quality Production & Attention Grabbing Promotions

The perfect case study was the recent "City To Summit" promotion that we filmed and produced for Rat Race Adventure Sports, where we travelled from Edinburgh city centre to the west coast before hiking/running up Ben Nevis with our production gear and drone. This is the finished product:

Of course, we don't always have such sunning visuals to play with, yet we can still find ways to create attention-grabbing edits. A great example of that is our recent "Kitchen Sink Race" promotion. Even though we had very little action footage to play with (as is often the case with first-time events), that's not obvious in the finished product:

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

We love working with events to produce their promotional videos because it also means that we can come and check you out with an independent Mudstacle hat on. Quite often we'll shoot enough footage to do an article or edit for ourselves as well, so you get the benefit of some extra promotions. Of course we have complete control over the content of Mudsacle's own videos, as we value our independence. However your own promotional video can be produced entirely to your brief, without any Mudstacle branding.

Get A Tailored No-Obligation Quote Today

We can produce promotional videos for all budgets, from high-quality cinematic productions to simple viral social content. Either way, you'll find our prices far cheaper than the norm. Get in touch with us today by emailing or calling 07989342484, we'd love to talk through some ideas with you.